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Interview with Kelly Macdonald at the Premiere of "Nanny McPhee"

Kelly Macdonald on "Nanny McPhee," Emma Thompson, and Working with Kids


Interview with Kelly Macdonald at the Premiere of

Kelly Macdonald in "Nanny McPhee."

© Universal Pictures
Kelly Macdonald ("Gosford Park," "Intermission") plays a scullery maid who dreams of a very different life in Universal Pictures' family movie, "Nanny McPhee."

Kelly Macdonald on the Appeal of "Nanny McPhee:" "It’s like a really old-fashioned kind of kids film. Like there’s no… Well there’s a little bit of CGI but it’s not overwhelmed by it. And it’s just about the people in there. It’s a lovely costume sort of family film."

Kelly Macdonald on Working with Emma Thompson: Oscar winner Emma Thompson not only stars in the film but also wrote the script. Asked if that changed the dynamics on the set, Macdonald said they all benefited from having the writer so readily accessible. "On paper it sounds like it might be a bit tricky having the writer around all the time but it was actually brilliant. Nothing really needed changing… There was maybe a couple of things that when we got there on the day the dialogue wasn’t quite sort of right and having Emma there was just like a godsend. She’s just so open to change and she’s so much fun as well," explained Macdonald.

What made Thompson so much fun to work with? Macdonald said, "She’s just so down to earth. She likes to get her hands dirty. The cake fight scene – she was back there behind the cameras with the rest of the crew throwing all the pies at people on film and kind of enjoying it a bit too much, I think (laughing). She’s just very hands-on."

Kelly Macdonald on Working with 7 Kids in "Nanny McPhee:" "It was great. I was saying to someone before, I was kind of more nervous about meeting the kids than meeting Emma, really, because I thought my character’s got such a good relationship with them and I just thought because kids can be funny, they can just [turn] against you or just not be interested. And so I was a bit worried the first day I met them. They were like [in a bored sounding voice] “Hi…” And I’m walking off and I’m desperately trying to please them and sort of talk to them (laughing). But they were great."

Kelly Macdonald's Reaction to Emma Thompson's Nanny McPhee Costume and Make-Up: "Bizarre. With the nose, bizarre. But weirdly it was almost stranger because she starts to lose warts and things throughout the film, and so the in-between Emma was actually weirder than the full-on bulbous nose and hairy warts Emma. You were like, 'You’re Emma but there’s just little things off.' That was weirder."

Kelly Macdonald Interview Video from the Premiere of "Nanny McPhee" - Play the Video

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