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"Must Love Dogs" Screensavers

Featuring Four Different Adorable Dogs


Diane Lane in "Must Love Dogs"

© Warner Bros. Pictures
Tired of the same old screensaver? Check out these four 'doggie' screensavers from Warner Bros Pictures' romantic comedy, "Must Love Dogs," starring Diane Lane, John Cusack, and Dermot Mulroney:

Doggie #1
Doggie #2
Doggie #3
Doggie #4

Doggie #1
Doggie #2
Doggie #3
Doggie #4

"Must Love Dogs" tells the story of Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane), a newly divorced woman cautiously rediscovering romance with the enthusiastic but often misguided help of her well-meaning family. As she braves a series of hilariously disastrous mismatches and first dates, Sarah begins to trust her own instincts again and learns that, no matter what, it’s never a good idea to give up on love.

"Must Love Dogs" synopsis and screensavers provided by Warner Bros Pictures.

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