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Interview with Eli Roth on "Cell" and "Hostel 2"


Interview with Eli Roth on

Writer/director Eli Roth on the set of "Hostel."

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Interview with Eli Roth on "Cell" and "Hostel 2"

Writer/director Eli Roth broke onto the scene with "Cabin Fever," the gory, ultraviolent 2002 film made for under $2 million which wound up grossing over $20 million during its theatrical run. Since then, Roth's been keeping super busy. He just signed on to direct the big screen adaptation of Stephen King's latest novel, "Cell," for Dimension Films and he's got "Hostel 2" in the works.
Roth showed up at the LA screening of James Gunn's directorial debut, "Slither," and was hyped up about tackling "Cell." In this interview from the "Slither" red carpet, Roth discusses that film, what's happening with "Hostel 2" and "The Box," and the resurgence of hard R-rated horror films.

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