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"Happy Feet" the Movie Inspires "Happy Feet" Video Games

Elijah Wood and Hugh Jackman Provide Voices of Penguins in "Happy Feet"


March 2005 - Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and Midway Games Inc. are going to turn the animated penguin movie, "Happy Feet," into video games. The "Happy Feet" games will be available in console, handheld and PC platforms.

Written and directed by George Miller ("Babe"), the family-friendly comedy "Happy Feet" is set in Antarctica and features the adventures of a group of Emperor Penguins. Elijah Wood provides the voice of Mumble, a poor little penguin who is sort of a misfit because - unlike all the other penguins - he can't sing. And if he can't sing, he won't be able to find a mate.

Hugh Jackman voices Mumble's dad, Memphis. Nicole Kidman does the voice for Mumble's mom, Norma Jean. The all-star cast also features the voices of Brittany Murphy, Hugo Weaving, Robin Williams and features the dancing of legendary tapper Savion Glover (Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk).

Senior Vice President of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment Jason Hall said, "Creating a quality game for 'Happy Feet' will allow fans to extend their cinematic experience into the interactive space. Expanding the film's creative story within the game will bring 'Happy Feet' to life in a whole new way and create a great connection with young players."

"Happy Feet" is set to hit theaters in November 2006.

SOURCE: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

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