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Carmen Electra Signs on for "Dirty Love"

By Beverly Hills Film Studios

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Sept. 3, 2004 - Beverly Hills Film Studios Inc. announced today that Hollywood star and model, Carmen Electra has signed on to play the second female lead in the studio's romantic comedy, "Dirty Love," also starring Jenny McCarthy.

Electra, who has recently starred in movies "Starsky and Hutch" (2004) with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson and "Searching for Bobby DeNiro" (2005) is set to team up with McCarthy and a growing list of recognizable Hollywood names in the romantic comedy, "Dirty Love." Electra will play the role of sexy and independent "Michelle" in the film.

Also starring in the film is the beautiful Kam Heskin, last seen in Steven Spielberg's "Catch Me If You Can" as well as "Planet of the Apes." Heskin plays the role of airy and flamboyant "Carrie," best friend of McCarthy's character, "Rebecca."

Producers Kimberley Kates and BJ Davis are delighted that Beverly Hills Film Studios has assembled such a comprehensive list of stars for "Dirty Love" and the list is still growing.

"Carmen and Kam will be a huge asset to this film, bringing great screen presence to the movie. We feel that the coupling of Carmen and Jenny is an exciting prospect, one that we feel will get audiences' attention," said Kates and Davis.

Accompanying star names on "Dirty Love" will be sponsorship with Pony Shoes who will also tie it into a major ad campaign, as well as women's fashion label XOXO(TM). Both products will be featured in the movie.

"Dirty Love" is being helmed by John Asher (Miramax's "Diamonds" with Kirk Douglas and "Thank Heaven"). The script was penned by McCarthy.

Bio Highlights of Carmen Electra

Born as Tara Leigh Patrick in 1972 in Ohio, she was the youngest of six children. During a trip to Los Angeles in 1990, Tara has a chance encounter with a talent agent scouting for Prince. That very evening she's invited to meet Prince and is given the opportunity to audition, which resulted in her making her first record with Prince.

She came out with her own first album, reflecting her name change, when "Carmen Electra" is released in 1993.

Initially more famous for her physical attributes than for her talent, Carmen Electra managed to parlay a stint as an MTV game show hostess into a career as a TV and movie actress. Along with her first Playboy spread, the aspiring entertainer scored her career breakthrough as the co-host of MTV's highly rated dating game "Singled Out" in 1996. To this day she still refers to this as her biggest break in the biz. After the show went off the air, Electra successfully stepped in for another buxom TV blonde when she took over life guarding duties from Pamela Anderson on the syndicated hit "Baywatch" from 1997 to 1998.

In 1999 Carmen starred in "Scary Movie," and in the past five years has starred in dozens of motion picture and television projects, consistently moving up the ladder of success in Hollywood, proving that she is not just extremely beautiful but extremely talented as well.


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