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Monroe, Marilyn

Norma Jean - aka Marilyn Monroe - will never be forgotten. Her legacy is being kept alive by fans, and thru fansites created as tributes to her life and work in films.

Did You Know: Truman Wanted Marilyn, Not Audrey
Here's a little piece of trivia about one of the best known films of all time, "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Anna's Tribute to Marilyn
Fansite with a trivia quiz, list of Marilyn's old stomping grounds, Marilyn's filmography, and biography.

Danamo's Marilyn Monroe Pages
This fansite has an extensive collection of photos, sound files, quotes from and about Marilyn, her filmography, biography, and much more.

Marilyn's poetry is featured on this site, constructed by a very dedicated Marilyn Monroe fan.

The official website for Marilyn Monroe. Check out the list of her favorite things, as well as photos, quotes, and info on her fan club.

"Some Like It Hot"
Here's a good review of the film, along with cast and crew information.

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