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Malone, Jena

Jena Malone has been appearing in films since 1996 and since that time has added more than a dozen movies to her resume.
  1. "Ballad of Jack and Rose"
  2. "Cold Mountain"
  3. "Dangerous Lives of..."
  4. "Donnie Darko"
  5. "Into the Wild"
  6. "Life as a House"
  7. "Pride and Prejudice"
  8. "Saved"
  9. "Sucker Punch"
  10. "The Messenger"
  11. "The Ruins"
  12. "United States of Leland"

Jena Malone "Sucker Punch" Interview
Rain forced the world premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' "Sucker Punch" to be held in a giant tent, but that didn't stop the stars of the film - including Jena Malone (who was suffering from a cold) - from hitting the black carpet to chat up the film.

"Saved!" - Jena Malone Interview
Jena Malone talks about starring in the dark comedy, "Saved!", working with first-time directors, role models, and the Director's Cut of "Donnie Darko."

Interview with Jena Malone
Jena Malone discusses "The United States of Leland," choosing roles, and religious films.

Jena Malone is on Fire
(July 2012) Actually, she's in "Fire" - "Catching Fire," that is. Read on...

Jena Malone Biography
Info on actress Jena Malone including personal facts and film credits.

"The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys" Production Photos
Small collection of stills from the coming of age film, "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys."

"Into the Wild" Premiere Photos
Gallery of photos from the Hollywood Premiere of the Paramount Vantage movie "Into the Wild" featuring Emile Hirsch, Jena Malone, Kristen Stewart, Marcia Gay Harden, Vince Vaughn, Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn, Jon Krakauer, Ben Foster, Brian Dierker, Christina Ricci, Harry Dean Stanton, Justine Bateman, Vanessa Angel, and Robert Patrick.

"Legend of the Guardians" Exclusive Premiere Photos
Gallery of photos from the world premiere of "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" featuring Jim Sturgess, Ryan Kwanten, David Wenham, Joel Edgerton, Sam Neill, Anthony LaPaglia, Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder, Kathryn Lasky, Leigh Whannell, Scott Glenn, Carla Gugino, Billy Bob Thornton, Emily Browning, Jena Malone, Jamie Chung, Mickey O'Brien, Kevin McKidd, Rick Yune, and Vanessa Hudgens.

"Life as a House" Photo Gallery
Gallery of production photos featuring the film's stars, Hayden Christensen, Kevin Kline, Jena Malone and Kristin Scott Thomas.

"The Ruins" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "The Ruins" starring Jonathan Tucker, Jena Malone, Joe Anderson and Laura Ramsey.

"Saved!" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from United Artists' "Saved," featuring photographs of Mandy Moore, Macaulay Culkin, Jena Malone, Patrick Fugit, Eva Amurri, Chad Faust and Martin Donovan.

"Sucker Punch" Photos
Gallery of photos from the action film "Sucker Punch" starring Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung, Jena Malone, Carla Gugino, Oscar Isaacs, Jon Hamm, and Scott Glenn.

"Sucker Punch" Premiere Photos
Gallery of photos from the world premiere of "Sucker Punch" featuring Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone, Jamie Chung, Abbie Cornish, Carla Gugino, Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder, Diane Lane, Jennifer Stone, Malin Akerman, Max Irons, Sharon Leal, Ross Thomas, Grey Damon, Derek Hough, Scott Glenn, Mike Catherwood, Michael Nardelli, Emma Roberts, and Candace Cameron Bure.

"United States of Leland" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from the Paramount Classics dramatic movie, "The United States of Leland," featuring Ryan Gosling, Jena Malone, Don Cheadle, Chris Klein and Michelle Williams.

"United States of Leland" Premiere
Catching up with Jena Malone at the LA Premiere of "The United States of Leland," I had the chance to talk with the young actress about working with writer/directors and how she selects her projects.

"Life as a House" Movie Review
Here's my take on this romantic tale starring Kevin Kline, Hayden Christensen, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Jena Malone.

Warner Bros.' official sites features cast bios, filmmaker info, stills, location sketches, production notes, trailer, cast interviews, and a section titled "Earth Reaches Out."

"For Love of the Game"
A romance movie, with a little sports mixed in. Movie trailers, stills, cast info, and behind-the-scenes looks at the filming of "For Love of the Game."

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