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"Life of Pi" (2012)

Details on "Life of Pi" including the trailer, film photos, poster and cast info for this dramatic movie starring Suraj Sharma and directed by Ang Lee.

The Plot: "Life of Pi" takes us through a young man's incredible adventure - at turns thrilling and spiritual; joyous and harrowing; humorous and tragic. Audiences will follow Pi Patel as he travels from an exotic zoo in India on a voyage across the Pacific, where he survives a shipwreck and is cast adrift in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger as his only company. Adrift in an endless expanse of ocean, Pi struggles to survive and train his companion, landing on a magical island that offers the two their only respite on their desperate journey.

Photo Gallery
Suraj Sharma and a tiger named Richard Parker pictures.

Cast List
A list of the actors and crew, running time, release date, and MPAA rating.

Check out scenes from "Life of Pi" with the tiger.

Movie Poster
Suraj Sharma and Richard Parker are featured in their boat on the poster.

Cast News
(Oct 2010) Ang Lee opted for a fresh face in the lead role of the much-anticipated film version of the bestselling novel. Read on...

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