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THINKFilm is Sweet on the Movie Candy Directed by Neil Armfield

Heath Ledger and Geoffrey Rush Star in Candy


March 31, 2006 - THINKFilm has picked up the North American rights to Candy, based on the acclaimed novel by Luke Davies. Candy marks the feature film directorial debut of Neil Armfield, the noted Australian stage director.

Aussie actor Heath Ledger (Oscar nominee for Brokeback Mountain) stars as Dan, a charming poet who falls hard for Candy (played by Abbie Cornish). Candy's a gorgeous, middle class art student who has an interest in the bohemian lifestyle Dan embodies.

Candy really wants to be accepted and goes as far as to shoot up heroin in order to prove herself to Dan. Ultimately their mutual addiction to heroin takes on a huge role in their romantic relationship.

Candy also stars Geoffrey Rush as Casper, a wealthy businessman who looks out for Dan and Candy. Noni Hazlehurst and Tony Martin play Candy's parents.

In a press release issued by THINKFilm announcing the acquistion, theatrical division head Mark Urman stated: "Candy beautifully captures both the exhilarating highs and the maddening lows of youthful folly. Not only does it confirm Heath Ledger's standing as a brilliant leading man, it also establishes Abbie Cornish as the next important international star to emerge from Australia."

Candy producer Emile Sherman added, "It's great to be working with THINKFilm on the US release of Candy. They have responded to the film in exactly the way we hope viewers do -- as a unique portrayal of the addiction of love and everything we do to get it to last forever."

Source: THINKFilm

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