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Lane, Diane

Diane Lane comes from an acting family. She's been acting onstage since she was six, and starring in films since the age of 13. Lane was nominated for an Emmy for her role in "Lonesome Dove," and received critical acclaim for her role as a wandering wife in "Unfaithful."
  1. "Man of Steel"
  2. Fierce People
  3. Hollywoodland
  4. Must Love Dogs
  5. Nights in Rodanthe
  6. Secretariat
  7. Under the Tuscan Sun
  8. Unfaithful
  9. Untraceable

Diane Lane "Secretariat" Interview
Diane Lane stars as Penny Chenery, the owner of the greatest racehorse of all time, in Disney's inspirational true story, "Secretariat." At the film's world premiere, Lane talked about the responsibility of playing Penny and getting the story right.

Diane Lane and Richard Gere on "Nights in Rodanthe"
The romantic drama "Nights in Rodanthe" is the third film Richard Gere and Diane Lane have done together, and at the Los Angeles press conference for the Warner Bros movie it was obvious the two enjoy each other's company.

Diane Lane on "Untraceable"
Diane Lane stars as FBI Agent Jennifer Marsh in the dramatic thriller "Untraceable." Although her character is an expert at investigating criminals on the internet, Lane admits she’d be perfectly happy living in the dark ages, back before cell phones and text messaging.

Diane Lane Talks About "Hollywoodland"
Diane Lane on Hollywoodland, playing George Reeves' lover Toni Mannix, and working on a film set in the 1950s.

Diane Lane Interview - "Must Love Dogs"
Diane Lane on being in every scene in "Must Love Dogs," Internet dating, her marriage, and her career.

"Under the Tuscan Sun" - Diane Lane Interview
Interview with Diane Lane, the star of "Under the Tuscan Sun." Lane discusses the novel, the Italian men, and working with writer/director Audrey Wells.

"Unfaithful" Cast Interviews
Richard Gere, Diane Lane, and Olivier Martinez discuss their roles in director Adrian Lyne's erotic thriller about passion and pain.

Top 10 Actresses of 2010
Diane Lane earned a spot on my Top 10 list for her performance in "Secretariat."

Richard Gere and Diane Lane Reunite for "Nights in Rodanthe"
(May 2007) Warner Bros Pictures announced shooting is now underway in Rodanthe, North Carolina on the romantic movie, "Nights in Rodanthe," based on the Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling novel. Diane Lane and Richard Gere played a married couple in "Unfaithful" and are teaming up again for this drama.

"Secretariat" Photos
Gallery of photos from the dramatic film "Secretariat" starring Diane Lane, John Malkovich, Nelsan Ellis and Otto Thorwarth.

"Nights in Rodanthe" Photos
Gallery of photos from the Warner Bros Pictures movie, "Nights in Rodanthe," starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere.

"Untraceable" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "Untraceable" starring Diane Lane, Colin Hanks and Billy Burke.

"Must Love Dogs" Photos
Gallery of photos from the Warner Bros. Pictures movie, "Must Love Dogs," starring John Cusack and Diane Lane.

"Under the Tuscan Sun" Photo Gallery
Here's a gallery of photos from Touchstone Pictures' romantic comedy, "Under the Tuscan Sun," featuring Diane Lane, Raoul Bova, Sandra Oh, Lindsay Duncan, Pawel Szajda and Giulia Steigerwalt.

"Hollywoodland" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from the movie "Hollywoodland" featuring photos of Adrien Brody, Diane Lane, Bob Hoskins, Robin Tunney, and Jeffrey De Munn

"Hollywoodland" - Venice Film Festival Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos featuring Ben Affleck, Adrien Brody, Diane Lane, Bob Hoskins, and director Allen Coulter at the 63rd Venice Film Festival's premiere of Focus Features' "Hollywoodland."

"Unfaithful" Photo Gallery
Gallery of stills featuring the stars of the film, Diane Lane, Richard Gere, and Olivier Martinez.

Another "Must Love Dogs" Interview
At the World Premiere of "Must Love Dogs" Diane Lane talked about Internet dating and working with kids and dogs.

"My Dog Skip"
Frankie Muniz, Kevin Bacon, Luke Wilson and Diane Lane star in this tale of a boy and his dog, growing up together in the 1940s.

"A Walk on the Moon"
About's World Film Guide reviews this romantic drama, starring Viggo Mortensen, Diane Lane, and Liev Schreiber.

"The Perfect Storm"
Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney team up again in this riveting tale based on true events.

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