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"King's Ransom" (2005)

King's Ransom Movie Synopsis: Malcolm King is a wealthy and arrogant businessman whose soon-to-be ex-wife has plans to take him for everything he’s worth in their divorce settlement. Determined to avoid losing his fortune to her, Malcolm plans his own kidnapping with the help of his dim-witted mistress and her ex-con brother.

"King's Ransom" - Nicole Parker Interview
Nicole Parker interview from the premiere of "King's Ransom," the comedy movie starring Anthony Anderson and Jay Mohr and directed by Jeff Byrd.

Regina Hall on "King's Ransom"
Interview with Regina Hall from the premiere of the comedy movie, "King's Ransom," starring Anthony Anderson. Regina Hall talks about improv, comedies, and the possibility of starring in a "Cleopatra Jones" remake.

"King's Ransom" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from "King's Ransom," featuring Anthony Anderson, Jay Mohr, Regina Hall, and Nicole Ari Parker.

"King's Ransom" Premiere Photos
Photos from the Hollywood Premiere of "King's Ransom" featuring photos of Anthony Anderson, Nicole Parker, Boris Kodjoe, Regina Hall, Kellita Smith, Leila Arcieri, Jeff Byrd, and Toby Emmerich.

Loretta Devine Interview
Loretta Devine talks about working with Anthony Anderson in "King's Ransom" and her role in the ensemble drama, "Crash," written and directed by Paul Haggis.

Kellita Smith on "King's Ransom"
Kellita Smith discusses her role as Anthony Anderson's wife in the comedy movie, "King's Ransom."

Movie Trailer
Check out the trailer for "King's Ransom," starring Anthony Anderson, Jay Mohr, and Regina Hall.

"King's Ransom" Movie Credits
Cast and crew list for "King's Ransom," starring Anthony Anderson, Jay Mohr, and Kellita Smith.

"King's Ransom" Poster
Poster for "King's Ransom" from New Line Cinema.

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