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"Kate & Leopold" (2001)

Kate's (Meg Ryan) ex-boyfriend (Liev Schreiber) discovers a way to travel through time, and accidently transports a relative of his, Leopold (Hugh Jackman) through time and into 2001. While trying to figure out how to get him back to where he belongs, Kate and Leopold fall in love.
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"Kate and Leopold" Premiere Interviews
Hugh Jackman, Breckin Meyer, and Sting joined fellow "Kate and Leopold" cast and crew members for the film's LA Premiere.

"Kate and Leopold" Premiere Photos
Here's a collection of photos from the December 11, 2001 LA Premiere of the romantic comedy, "Kate and Leopold," featuring photos of Hugh Jackman, Breckin Meyer, Sting, and Bradley Whitford.

"Kate and Leopold" Publicity Stills
Check out this collection of publicity stills featuring Hugh Jackman, Meg Ryan, and Breckin Meyer.

"Kate and Leopold" Movie Review
Here's my take on the onscreen romantic teaming of Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan.

"Kate and Leopold" DVD Review
I liked this one when I saw it in the theatre, and enjoyed it again on DVD.

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