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Lindsay Lohan Talks About the Romantic Comedy - Just My Luck

Lohan Transitions Into More Young Adult Fare with Just My Luck


Lindsay Lohan Talks About the Romantic Comedy - Just My Luck

Lindsay Lohan plays one of the luckiest women in the world in Just My Luck.

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Lindsay Lohan stars as Ashley Albright, an account exec at a public relations firm - and one of the luckiest women around - in the romantic comedy, Just My Luck, directed by Donald Petrie.

Everything always goes Ashley’s way until one fateful day when she meets Jake (Chris Pine). Bad luck just seems to follow Jake around, but that changes when he shares an intense first kiss with Ashley while on the dance floor. In that instant, Jake’s luck changes for the better and Ashley turns into the bad luck magnet. Now the woman who is used to having everything go her way has to attempt to regain what she once took for granted.

The Appeal of Just My Luck: Lohan, who’s been appearing in movies for more than a decade, says Just My Luck marks a turning point in her career. “It's kind of like a coming of age thing for me,” explained Lohan. “Everything I'm doing after this, my characters are the same age, if not older [than I]. I mean you can only act as if you're in high school for so long.

It kind of was the perfect thing for me because it's not a dark film, so I can still keep the fan base that I've grown with. And it's a really lovely film. It's a romantic comedy, my first romantic comedy. I get to kiss Chris [Pine] in it.”

Lohan added, “It's a great film for me. It still has a good message. I think that's important, and I still have the young audience to look out for. This is acceptable for the younger audience and for people that are older than me. I think it was hard for me to find that kind of film, so it was nice that I found it.”

Choosing the Lucky Guys Who Get to Kiss Her in Just My Luck: “We looked at pictures. One looked like Jack Berger from Sex and the City so we liked that.” Just My Luck director Donald Petrie said there were times when he’d cast a few actors and not tell them which one was going to be the lucky guy. Petrie would leave that decision for Lohan to make right before shooting the scene. Lohan laughed as she recalled the director's instructions. "'Pick...' Like it was so comfortable."

Lohan confessed she had difficulty with one particular kissing scene. “It was uncomfortable because we were shooting in Central Park and there were all these people lined up. All these kids started kind of accumulating around where we were shooting. I'm standing there jogging next to this guy, and all of a sudden you see me sort of attack the guy and kiss the him. ‘I can't do this.’ I felt so uncomfortable. I actually got to the point where I was, ‘Can I kiss him on his cheek and make it look like I'm kissing him [on the mouth]?’”

Lindsay Lohan Does Her Own Stunts in Just My Luck: Lohan admits she had a stunt double available but is proud of the fact she wound up doing her own stunts. “For one scene, everyone was afraid on the set - because I was wearing stilettos - that I would hurt myself. In this particular scene where I'm in the bowling alley when I'm cleaning the floor, I'm waxing the floor. They didn't want me to do it because they were nervous, which they should be, but I actually ended up doing it.”

Does Lohan get more satisfaction from doing slapstick comedy or delivering funny lines? The answer is… “I think slapstick comedy can seem more effective just because it's a visual of someone hurting himself,” said Lohan. “It can be funny sometimes. …I feel that if I'm going to go for it, I'm going to go for it. At first it's always nerve-wracking, and then once you get comfortable with it, you realize, ‘I want to make it as funny as I possibly can.’ But I don't prefer one or the other. This is the first time that I really did a lot of physical comedy, and I really enjoyed it.”

Lindsay Lohan Had a Little Bad Luck on the Set of Just My Luck: Lohan considers herself to be a lucky person in general, however she has had a run of bad luck when it comes to her right foot. On the set of Just My Luck Lohan actually sprained her ankle. She injured it again right before the film’s press tour.

“I fractured it. I have a hairline fracture in my foot. I slipped coming out of the shower, but on the film, I twisted my ankle when we were shooting in New York - my right foot. And it's really ironic because the film's called Just My Luck. I was coming out of the shower yesterday morning and I slipped. I can't wear heels though. That's the bad thing.”

Asked if she’s ever had a streak of bad luck Lohan said, “If I did then I don’t know about it. You have to go through highs and lows in life just to learn to appreciate things, just as [my character] Ashley Albright in the film.”

Lohan’s Ever-Changing Hair Color: Lohan doesn’t plan on keeping it red. “No. I promised a bunch of people from Fox when I went in for the meeting that for the publicity for the film, I would go back to red. But I’m going to be red for the next film. I was strawberry blonde in Georgia Rule. I’ll go back to dark soon. I don’t want to wear wigs because then it’s not…you don’t feel like you’re the person you’re portraying.”

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