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Jamie Foxx on "Jarhead," "Miami Vice," and "Dreamgirls"

Plus Potential Biopics That Really Intrigue Him


Jamie Foxx on "Jarhead," "Miami Vice," and "Dreamgirls"

Jamie Foxx and Jake Gyllenhaal in "Jarhead"

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"In LA, we ponder. In New York, whatever, you ponder, you think, you wonder. But the demographics where a lot of these guys are from, it’s not barbaric to them because we look at life as we want to be the thinking people and figure out things. But for them, when you go back to your hometown and you have that soldier’s uniform on, you’re heralded. You went and you did it. You went and did something for your country.

I know it sounds weird but people still say ‘God bless America’ in parts of this world. Although it’s weird for us to say America because, like I said, we’re thinking of what is America portraying. They don’t think like that. So it’s like for them, that is their Super Bowl. That is their Oscar. That is their Stanley Cup. And you come back and you say, ‘Yo, man, I went out there and I protected y’all.’ That’s where you have to get. You have to get in there and sit with them and see how it really is.”

Jamie Foxx on His Career: “It's been a great ride. If you look at ‘In Living Color’ - I know that some of the In Living Colors are running on BET now. When you look at it, you see the training ground. I mean, because those guys were doing things. I laugh even harder now. They were doing things that weren't just jokes in your face; they were doing real characters.

We were trying to get characters' different feelings, make them more than one-dimensional, so it was a great training ground being under Keenen [Ivory Wayans] and Damon [Wayans] and Jim Carrey and all of those cats. So, with this, you're happy that you have that background and those tools to be able go into some of the characters that we've gone into. We've played sergeants in some of our sketches. Now all that you do is knock off the funny and actually play the sergeant. You DO Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder, knock off the funny and actually DO the character, so to see it play out like it's played out, it really makes you feel good on the inside. Whatever's coming next, you're going to be able to get into it and try to make it happen for you.”

Jamie Foxx on the Status of “Dreamgirls:” Foxx said the cast is great and he’d be happy to have “American Idol” winner Fantasia aboard. “I think that Fantasia is outta here. If Fantasia does a movie, it's in the stratosphere. Nuts, you know?

At first I wasn't going to do it - they didn't know what was going on. I was like, 'I want to do it…’, and then I found out that Eddie Murphy was doing it, Beyonce was on it. I said, 'Come on, man, I've got to GET THAT! I don't care if you pay a dollar, man I need to be in that!' Because that's going to be outstanding.”

Jamie Foxx Updates What’s Happening With “Miami Vice:” “’Miami Vice’ is going great, man. Colin Farrell's a great individual - a lady killer. (Laughing) You know what I'm saying? It's just great to see him get into that Crockett [role]. And, again, I'm Ed McMahon, ‘Oh, ho-ho-ho…’ [imitates McMahon's laughing from the sidelines]. So it's right up [my] alley. Guns, you know, the city - and the different look that Michael Mann's going to put on it. It's going to be hot!”

Jamie Foxx on Biopics He’d Like to Tackle: “I always thought that the Marvin Gaye story was incredible. I mean Marvin Gaye, if you know anything about the Marvin Gaye story, there's some things about Marvin Gaye that you don't know in this building that will blow your mind, as far as not even his music. Just him as the man, there's some things that would make you go, ‘What?!’ So, whoever tells this story, you know it's going to be great.

…I think the Mike Tyson story is the most interesting thing. I think that’s the most interesting story that you don't know. Nobody knows the stuff that I know. The stuff that I found out. It would blow your mind. Mike Tyson gives you phrases that if you listen to it, it’ll blow your mind.

They said, 'Mike, how do you feel?' and he said (imitating Tyson's voice) 'I'm happy. I'm more happy now I don't have any money.' And they said, 'Why Michael?' [As Tyson] 'I don't have to worry about anything. I'm just here.' And it was an Interview, I don't know if you saw it, and he was with a kid. And he was teaching the kid how to box. He stopped and said, 'I'm so happy. I'm so glad I don't have any more money so I don't have to worry about it anymore. Nobody has to do me wrong. Nobody has to, you know, F me over. I'm just glad.'

I said, 'That's where you go.’ Do the story about that, about how he feels now after he looks back on what all happened. And he made another statement. [A reporter asked], 'Mike, I mean, things are just crazy for you -- why is it so crazy Mike?' And [Tyson] says, 'You give a kid who’s 19 years old $60 million and see how crazy it’d be for him.’”

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