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Interviews with Shia LaBeouf and Paul Teutul Jr. About "I, Robot"

From the "I, Robot" World Premiere


Shia LaBeouf I Robot

Shia LaBeouf at the World Premiere of "I, Robot"

Photo © Rebecca Murray

How was it to work with Will Smith on "I, Robot?"
It’s big, it’s a real big deal. It was a dream. All my life "Fresh Prince" was the show and Will Smith was the guy. I had his records. Like, “Who the hell listened to Will Smith?” I’m that guy who did that.

Can you share any secrets from the set about Will Smith?
I’ll tell you about Will Smith. The first day I met Will Smith – he’s really funny and he’s sarcastic and the first day I get there I come up to him and go, “This is crazy to be you.” He’s like, “Yeah, man, the women.” I said, “The women?” He’s like, “Yeah, they love me.” That was pretty funny.

Is that where you want to be someday? ‘Shia LaBeouf – the women love you’?
No, not really. But he does look pretty nice. He’s a sex symbol and I look more like Screech [from "Saved by the Bell"].

No, you don’t. And now all of your curls are gone.
All the curls are gone. I had to cut them off. I’m shooting this golf movie [“The Greatest Game Ever Played”] so they gave me this little weird mushroom cut from 1913 so I had to do something and this [pointing to his hair] is what I came up.


The guys from "American Chopper" designed a special motorcycle specifically for Will Smith and "I, Robot." At the movie's World Premiere, Paul Teutul Jr. discussed how they got involved in the project:

How did you guys get hooked up with Will Smith?
Through 20th Century Fox. 20th Century Fox commissioned us to build the bike in promotion of the movie. Will came down [to talk with us about the movie]. Obviously we hadn’t seen the movie yet, we watched some trailers, did some poster board drawings. And it took off from there.

I know you guys usually do everything on your own. Did Will Smith have any input?
No, he has no idea what the bike looks like. He just basically gave us a feel for the movie, so that we’d know what direction to go in.

What style were you going for?
Robot/futuristic. We didn’t get stuck in the robot thing too much. We just made it look very futuristic and that’s what we went with.

What’s been your favorite bike so far?
The Black Widow. I, Robot’s pretty close.

What can fans expect for next season on "American Chopper?"
We’ve got some cool different stuff. We built a bike for, obviously, Will Smith. We’re right now working on a bike for Lance Armstrong. We also built a bike for Davis Love III, the professional golfer.

Will Smith & Bruce Greenwood / Alan Tudyk / James Cromwell
Special Premiere Guests: Jason Isaacs / Nick Cannon / Ron Lester

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