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Jessica Alba Interview - "Into the Blue" Movie Premiere Video


Jessica Alba Interview -

Jessica Alba stars in "Into the Blue"

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Jessica Alba Interview - "Into the Blue" Movie Premiere Video

Jessica Alba joined her fellow "Into the Blue" cast mates for the Hollywood Premiere of the underwater adventure film, "Into the Blue." Alba looked gorgeous as she made her way down the special blue carpet to take in a screening of "Into the Blue."

Adding to the mood of the premiere were three fish tanks full of creatures who went about the night swimming around oblivious to all the Hollywood hoopla taking place right in front of them.

Check out this interview with the much-in-demand Jessica Alba straight from the star-studded event. Alba talks about working around sharks, filming in freezing cold water, and the difficulties of acting underwater. (Click on the photo or headline to launch the video).

For those who'd rather read the interview - Jessica Alba Interview Transcript

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