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Manu Bennett Interview - Spartacus

Manu Bennett stars as 'Crixus' in the Starz series Spartacus (which includes the prequel Gods of the Arena, Season 1 Blood and Sand, and Season 2 Vengeance), with each episode's production value and fight choreography easily standing up to any action film. Season 2 will find a new actor, Liam McIntyre, stepping in to play Spartacus due to health issues concerning the show's lead actor, Andy Whitfield (who was absolutely terrific in the role). And on the red carpet at the 2011 Syfy/E! Party at Comic Con, Bennett said that he misses Whitfield but McIntyre's Spartacus will also definitely impress the show's fans.

In our exclusive interview, Bennett also talked about the show's violence and sex scenes, the fight choreography (which was nominated for an Emmy), the scripts, and being one of the first shows to revive the swords and sandals genre:

Spartacus: Vengeance debuts on Starz in January 2012.

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