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Dwayne Johnson Discusses Shazam! and Witch Mountain


Dwayne Johnson Discusses Shazam! and Witch Mountain

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson at the Hollywood Premiere of Gridiron Gang.

© Richard Chavez

Nov 2007 - While busy promoting the Richard Kelly film Southland Tales, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson addressed the rumors surrounding his possible involvement in Shazam!. Although nothing official’s been announced, Johnson’s been at the center of internet casting rumors for months.

The actor himself isn’t exactly sure what’s going on with the film. “That's a good question. I just met with [director] Pete Segal last night,” said Johnson. “We had a great meeting on Shazam! and just waiting for John August to hand in another draft, which probably will be handed in months from now, after the strike. But [I’m] very excited about that, and no, not Shazam but Black Adam. It's been made very clear, which I love as a character and I can't wait to play.”

Johnson confirmed that August is revising the script based on him signing on to play Black Adam. Johnson credits the fans with steering him toward Black Adam. “What I did, they first approached me about playing Captain Marvel and they also said, ‘And there's also this interesting character too called Black Adam.’ This was about a year ago while we were on the set of Get Smart,” said Johnson who worked with Shazam! director Segal on the film adaptation of the classic TV Get Smart series. “I said, ‘Oh, okay, great.’ We went down to Comic Con to show the trailer of Get Smart and down there, talking to all the fans, they were like, ‘You should really look into Black Adam.’ So I said to a writer or journalist, ‘Well, right now I think it's just up to the fans. They should just let me know.’ And they let me know in spades. ‘You should be Black Adam!’ Great, and then that dictated to the studio, to the director."

Johnson’s not sure how Shazam! will play out. “I can't get into too much detail, only because I don't know,” said Johnson. "I can tell you but I can't get into the complete mythology, like every detail because I just don't know. I haven't read the draft,” revealed Johnson.

A film Johnson’s absolutely sure he’ll be a part of is Witch Mountain which he’ll be working on next. “I'm very excited about that - Witch Mountain. I'm going to team up together with Andy Fickman again who directed The Game Plan. It'll be with Disney. It's going to be just great, badass action comedy. That's why they call it a reimagining and not necessarily a remake of it, because we're going to completely amp things up. Really, in a major way. David Bomba handed in an outstanding script yesterday. We're all very, very excited about it.”

Johnson revealed the new Witch Mountain will be set in Las Vegas. “I'll be a cab driver and, for me, you always think of movies like that, especially when it comes to comedy, action/comedies, it's all about the collision of two worlds. My world, I play an ex-con. My relationships, or lack thereof, only last [as long as] my fares. So if you get in, say, ‘I need to be taken down to the end of the strip,’" ‘Okay.’ You get out, eight dollars later, that's the length of every relationship I have."

Johnson continued, "Well, these two children get in my cab and they're on the run immediately and the chase happens within the first 15 minutes. Then we're off to the races. That collision, these children who of course are being chased by your Area 51 police if you will, and the Vegas police and it turns into this huge chase. It's great. Of course we've got AnnaSophia Robb from Bridge to Terabithia. We're doing the casting now for a girl and the other guy, another little boy. It'll be great.”

Johnson might be revisiting both Witch Mountain and The Game Plan if things work out right. “I think it's kind of too early,” said Johnson about the possibility of Game Plan 2. “I know what happens in Hollywood, they automatically start thinking about sequels. But the success we've had with that has really been tremendous. I couldn't be happier with it. If we do, little Madison's nine, so it would change the complexities a little bit of that dynamic. Right now, it's all things Witch Mountain. Everybody's so excited about it. Disney's excited. We're looking for March '09 release.”

Just in case, Johnson is signed on for further Witch Mountain adventures. “ I always think it's nice to have that, to have that clause in your contract. If there is a sequel, this is what it is. But who knows? Success usually begets greater success, hopefully, so we just have to wait. It's so far ahead.”

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