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Nikki Reed Talks About Mini's First Time

Reed Discusses Her Role in This Twisted Black Comedy


Nikki Reed Talks About Mini's First Time

Nikki Reed stars in Mini's First Time.

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Nikki Reed on the Casting Process for Mini’s First Time: Reed stars as a teen who absolutely loathes her mom and goes to extreme lengths to destroy her life in Mini's First Time. Explaining how she got involved in the film, Reed said, “It's actually really funny because they sent me the script, or they sent my agents the script, and my agents were supposed to send it to me - and I didn't get it. They waited for like three weeks for an answer from me, and I had no idea. I get a call on a Friday morning saying, ‘Nikki, you have a meeting in three hours with Kevin Spacey's company for a movie that they're interested in you for.’ I'm like, ‘Well that's nice guys. Make me feel very unprepared why don't you?’ Normally I'm over-prepared for anything I do, and I pride myself on that.

They were leaving on a plane that night to go to Russia to speak to the financiers about whatever decision was going to be made. They'd met with a few girls. So, you know, the pressure was on. I walked into the room…and I'll actually never forget it. I'd slept at a girlfriend's house the night before. We had a sleepover. That's what I try to do now that I'm such an adult and I moved out four years ago. I try to have occasional sleepovers to try to feel young still. I'm being really sarcastic. I'll stop being sarcastic. I had a sleepover and I didn't have my contact lenses. I had my glasses, because I do wear glasses, and I had my hair in a bun. I had my turtleneck and my sneakers.

I'm reading this script and I'm like, ‘Oh boy, there is no way they're going to see me as this character. I hope someone's seen Thirteen in there so at least they know I can be cute.’ Once you take my hair down and put makeup on, I can look decent. I sat down to meet with him and it was the shortest meeting ever. I called my agent and said, ‘You know, I don't think that that went very well.’ They said, ‘Okay, well they're getting on a plane right now to go to Russia to tell the financiers that they're making you an offer.’ I'm like, ‘Oh, they called you from the time I left the meeting to the time I got in my car?’ I got offered the part and I sat down with Nick [Guthe, writer/director] on the Monday he got back. I said, ‘How could you possibly see me as this?’ He said, ‘Because every other girl that came in came in with a low-cut blouse and everything spilling out and five pounds of makeup on - and Mini wouldn't care what she looked like.’ I'm like, ‘Little did you know that I just had a sleepover…’"

Were There Any Aspects of Mini That Nikki Reed Enjoyed Playing?: “I can't say it wasn't fun to make this movie. I mean, I had a blast. It was fun to walk around and have like a trucker's mouth and be absolutely crass. I had this discussion with the director when he first handed me that project. I was like, ‘You know, she sounds like a man when she speaks. Are you aware of that? Are you aware that you wrote this and you sound like this is you speaking through a woman?’ He said, ‘Yeah, that was the point was that I wrote Mini as asexual in the beginning. I didn't know whether I wanted her to be a guy or a girl. This was going to be her dialogue either way.’

It was kind of interesting because I thought about it, and there's nothing feminine in what she says in the movie. Aside from what I'm wearing, what I look like when I'm walking around… If you actually take everything away, there's nothing that I say that separates the two sexes. I thought it was kind of interesting. It was very fun to be able to embody that. And you know, there's always the excuse of who says that once the cameras turn off, I still can't walk around and act like that for the day? But I was pretty good. My boyfriend was there all day, every day. He wasn't working, so that's the beauty of being an actor.”

Nikki Reed Shares Her Thoughts on Mini: “I don't think she's a bad person. I'm there. I'm right behind her especially because since I've been doing interviews, the words I've been hearing are ‘evil,’‘sociopath,’ and I approached it with the view of Mini as hurting. Have you heard of this theory that people who are serial killers were born and their parents… It's something like about touching someone, just the connection, part of their brain that's missing something. You know what I mean? They're lacking some weird vitamin that should have come through touching the skin. I really feel like she's missing that because her mother is paying no attention to her, didn't love her at all and wasn't there.

Reed continued. “She doesn't understand the weight of consequences. There are no boundaries. Children, in general, crave boundaries. They want to be told, ‘No, you cannot do that.’ …She has unlimited access to money and a beautiful car - I don't think Mini referenced her car once in the movie because it wasn't a big deal. It wasn't about flaunting the money. Honestly, all she wanted was what she got from Martin, which was genuine love. He loved her more than she loved him, so that was empowering for her. That was what she needed.”

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