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Interview with John White from American Pie Presents: Beta House

By Fred Topel

Interview with John White from American Pie Presents: Beta House

American Pie Presents: Beta House

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The American Pie spinoffs have maintained continuity by exploring other members of the Stifler family. Erik did not fit the mold of the crude, crass and popular Stifler of the theatrical films. More shy and awkward, he ran The Naked Mile but remained faithful to his high school girlfriend. Now on his own in college, pledging the Beta House is his next adventure.

Where's your girlfriend from Naked Mile?
"Remarkably, she took off. Remember the character at the end of the last one, Trent, the really good looking dude? In the off months, she took off with him, decided he was a better deal. Package deal with him, good looks, good body, probably going someplace in life."

Is that in the film?
"It's in the film."

What new love is on tap?
"New love played by Meghan Heffern. She's a student at the university and I meet her the first day in the coed shower room. She takes a shower, I'm taking the world's biggest pee. A few things collide."

There's such a thing as a coed shower room?
"There is in the world of American Pie, yeah."

Is the long pee to top the dryer crap?
"Yeah. That one's kind of tough to top, but it's a pretty big pee. It goes on for about four minutes I think. It's a long pee. I've never taken one that long in my life. What are you going to do?"

You're a different Stifler but what does it mean for an actor?
"Well, you sign on and you know right away what's involved with the name. You know what you're getting into but luckily enough, Erik Lindsay sort of switches it off. There's the whole umbrella Stifler with all the antics and what not, but he switches up the characters a little bit. My guy who I play isn't the boozing, womanizing, lucky with the women kind of guy. He's more like a softer Stifler. But it's good."

Is there still some heart?
"This one has to do, I think, more so with the Beta House as a whole, and of course with Meghan who plays the girlfriend. But I think the heart comes when everyone's gearing up together and going to war with the geek house. Everyone has to hold hands and just kick the sh-- out of them."

Can you provide a preview of any of the crazy competitions?
"Yeah, there's a few competitions. There's a wife-carry that's a standing 69 through an obstacle course. There's a sweet lap dance competition, Release the Venus, where whoever climaxes first loses. It's professional strippers just basically giving the world's greatest lap dances, which is one of my favorites because I've never gotten one in my entire life."

Was it hard to keep a straight face?
"Some of the stuff, yeah. Most of the stuff was hard when we were all together because we all kind of make each other laugh. I know it sounds cheesy and stuff, but we all get along pretty well. When we're doing stuff together, it's kind of hard because usually someone's grabbing my ass when we're doing stuff, so it kind of makes it tough to keep a straight face. I kind of like it at the same time."

What has it done for you as an actor?
"It's probably made me realize I can do a lot of things in life that I didn't think I could have done two years ago, like demoralized me a lot, degraded me a lot and ultimately made me, I guess, more comfortable with my naked body, which is disgusting."

Are there more nude scenes in this?
"Not as much as the Mile, where you see my sweet ass in slow motion. I never knew it could jiggle that much. It's unbelievable. It's like a silicone implant when you run. You can ride the waves all the way to the Atlantic. It's pretty bad."

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