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Brendan Fraser Addresses the 'G.I Joe' Character Rumors


Brendan Fraser Addresses the 'G.I Joe' Character Rumors

Brendan Fraser and Eliza Hope Bennett in 'Inkheart.'

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About Brendan Fraser's G.I. Joe Role…

So, rumor had it Brendan Fraser plays Gung Ho in the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie. But Fraser says that's just not true. "I was there for a morning, okay? It was a cameo that I begged to be in," revealed Fraser.

"Let's get something straight about this G.I. Joe thing. I’m in the Shanghai Studios in China and we’re miserable because it’s 10 o’clock in the morning and it’s raining and we’re all having certain digestive issues, let’s just say. Bob Ducsay, Stephen Sommers’ producing partner, who did all the other movies, the first couple Mummy movies, he’s there and he’s kind of keeping everyone from jumping the rails or whatever, and he’s got this big old grin on his face. And I’m like, 'What do you have to be so happy about?' We’re freezing to death. And he’s just got off phone…the time zone…he’s like (imitating Ducsay trying to restrain himself) and Bob’s a pretty poker-faced kind of guy, but he's grinning like he just ate the canary. He says, 'We just got the go on Joe. Paramount greenlit the movie.' 'Hey man, that’s cool, great! Congratulations! You suck! Can I have a job? Please? I will wash your car. I will walk your dog.' My G.I. Joe wound up in a tree dangling from his parachute strings all winter on a count of I threw him out a window from a second story apartment."

Never fear, eventually Fraser saved him. "With a rake in the spring," said Fraser, laughing. "It's cold outside and my mom wouldn’t let me climb the tree. Anyway, so, you know, I’m a fanboy when it comes to Joes. Can I just get something straight? I’m not Gung Ho. All right? I don't know what you’ve read. That is not the name of my character. If you look him up, in all due respect, he looks like a refugee from The Village People and no, I did not attire myself as such."

So who is his character and what's his wardrobe like? "You’ll have to go and stay until the end of the movie," said Fraser. "But I'll tell you what, they gave me a really cool motorcycle ride. It's a sight gag. I show up and you're supposed to go, 'Hey, isn’t that…?'"

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