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'Identity Thief' Cast List

Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman Star in 'Identity Thief'


Identity Thief Cast

Melissa McCarthy - 'Diana'
Jason Bateman - 'Sandy Patterson'
Jon Favreau - 'Harold Cornish'
Amanda Peet - 'Trish Patterson'
Tip TI Harris - 'Julian'
Genesis Rodriguez - 'Marisol'
Morris Chestnut - 'Detective Reilly'
John Cho - 'Daniel Casey'
Robert Patrick - 'Skiptracer'
Eric Stonestreet - 'Big Chuck'
Jonathan Banks - 'Paul'

Crew List

Directed By: Seth Gordon
Screenplay By: Craig Mazin
Story By: Jerry Eeten and Craig Mazin
Director of Photography: Javier Aguirresarobe
Production Designer: Shepherd Frankel
Editor: Peter Teschner

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 111 minutes
Theatrical Release Date: February 8, 2013
MPAA Rating: R for sexual content and language

Studio: Universal Pictures

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