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Trevor Blumas Talks About "Ice Princess"

On Playing Michelle Trachtenberg's Love Interest in the Disney Ice Skating Movie


Trevor Blumas Ice Princess

Trevor Blumas in "Ice Princess"

© Walt Disney Pictures
The “Ice Princess” Audition Process: “Actually, it’s strange. I had auditioned for it in January of last year and there had been a lot of switch-overs with the directors. I was put on hold for almost two months and then they brought me in and I met with Michelle in March. And after that, things started coming together.”

On Working with Michelle Trachtenberg: “She’d obviously been attached to the project a lot longer and was a lot more familiar. And she was really good at making me feel comfortable and it was a lot of fun. And, I think there’s a lot of charisma between us, which I think helped the film.”

Developing the Onscreen Relationship with Michelle: “It kind of just happened. Michelle is so much fun. She’s an awesome girl and we really became good friends on the set. She walked into Casey’s role and same with me, and it just kind of happened like that on film, the chemistry. We had lots of fun and I think that shows.”

Trevor’s Interest in Ice Skating: “I’d always watched figure skating on the Olympics. My sisters and my mom were always more into it. But, I know there is a huge fan following among males, too. I know Elvis Stojko is a Canadian athlete, and Brian Boitano was in the movie. They’re very popular too. You don’t even need to figure skate to enjoy this movie. I think you’ll leave having a greater appreciating of figure skating, whether you have one or not before you go in. But, it’s just a really fun movie. There are lots of really cool figure skating sequences. I think anyone will be in awe of the stuff these girls can do.”

Trevor’s Knowledge of a Zamboni: “I didn’t know how to drive at all. When I flew into Toronto about two weeks before shooting, I started training with Scott who was the maintenance guy at the rink [that] we ended up turning into Harwood Arena. So, he taught me how to drive. I ended up doing all the floors normally for the girls right before they skated in the morning. I would come early and ‘flood’ the rink for them. It was fun.

It’s actually not bad. You’d think you would slip on the ice and you don’t. It’s pretty amazing. The hard thing is there’s a lot of gears and working out how much water to lay down and you have to angle the blade right, depending on how much ice you want to take off. There was a pattern, too, when you leave the bay. You do the rink in a certain pattern so you don’t leave any bare ice. It’s called flooding.”

Working with a British Director Who Didn’t Know Anything About Figure Skating: “You wouldn’t know that though. I think he totally did his research. When I got on the set he was an expert already. He had Jamie, the choreographer of the movie, who was there teaching him everything like the lutzes and the loops and the jump names, and understanding what they were. So, I think, by the end of it, Tim [Fywell] could probably commentate an ice skating event.”

Did the Cast Hang Out Together? “We did, actually. In Toronto, they put us up in the same building. I knew the girls were sort of new to Toronto and I had grown up an hour and a half South, so I wasn’t a stranger. I kind of did the job of showing them around the city and going to spots I knew they’d like. …We hung out and it was a lot of [fun]. It was summertime so we went to Canada’s Wonderland, which is like Six Flags Magic Mountain here. That’s always fun. There are a lot of cool restaurant and stores downtown that the girls enjoyed.”

Kim Cattrall and the Mother/Son Relationship in “Ice Princess:” “When Kim came into Toronto, we had already started filming and so we got together on a Saturday. Kim came so prepared. She was Tina down to the core. So it was still early enough in the film and we talked about our relationship. Hayden [Panettiere] and her relationship was a little more defined in the script. We decided that I would kind of take over as the father figure because we didn’t have a dad. That I would be a lot more like her than Hayden’s character would be, so I had a better understanding of her and her position. Just the protective male of the family, I guess.”

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