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The Young Stars of Hoot Discuss the Family Friendly Film


The Young Stars of Hoot Discuss the Family Friendly Film

Logan Lerman stars in Hoot.

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The Music of Hoot: Jimmy Buffett not only produced the movie but also contributed songs to the soundtrack, as did Brie Larson. The young stars of the film admit they’d heard of Jimmy Buffett but weren’t really familiar with his songs before signing on to Hoot.

Lerman said, “We knew who Jimmy Buffett was, we just weren’t familiar with his music. Once I got the role and read the script, I got his CD and listened to ‘Margaritaville’ and thought it was great.”

The fact they were doing a film with Buffett may have actually impressed their parents more than it did the film’s younger generation of actors. “I didn’t know too much about his music either,” said Cody Linley, “and then I told my dad ‘Hey, I’m doing a movie with Jimmy Buffett.’ He’s like, ‘Are you serious?’”

No Cell Phones, Text Messaging or Blackberries in Hoot: Most teenagers won’t go anywhere without at least a cell phone, but none of the characters in Hoot have one. Lerman explained it by saying, “Not every kid in America has a cell phone and text messaging. This is really real, a timeless film. That’s why it was so great to be part of it. It’s an intelligent film. It doesn’t just entertain you.”

Brie Larson fully agreed. “Cell phones and the internet weren’t needed at all. That’s not the message that we’re trying to get across. It would dumb it down actually.”

Fly Like the Wind – Or At Least Look Like You Can: Cody Linley has to run as fast as a bus in Hoot, a feat Linley says was accomplished with help from the film’s director of photography. “Michael Chapman was the DP on the set and he was just awesome and made everything look so beautiful and so great. Some of those shots of me running and the reflection and stuff were just so cool. I guess I’m kind of an active person. I run a lot and play basketball a lot so I guess I think I’m a pretty fast runner. But I looked at the movie and they were like, ‘You don’t have to run as fast as you can on some of the shots,’ and I wanted to really look like I was sprinting. ‘Don’t worry. It’ll look good.’ Then I saw it and wow!”

Brie Larson Isn’t a Soccer Stud: “I had to play soccer. I’m a soccer star in the film and I looked awful. I was ridiculed forever. I was the first to get picked on. I warned everybody, ‘I know I’m supposed to be this major soccer star and I’ve never kicked a soccer ball in my life.’ They’re like, ‘No, no, don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine. We’re actually not going to have a soccer scene in the movie. You’re just going to have to carry the soccer ball.’ I was like, ‘Awesome, perfect!’

But we ended finishing up doing the movie earlier than expected so we ended up doing the little vignettes at the end of the film. We decided that Beatrice needed a big soccer scene. They wanted me to do all this dribbling down the field, and we ended up having to cut it out because I’m just so awful. My gosh. It was supposed to be me dribbling it down and kicking it. I was supposed to get it in [the goal] and the guys were supposed to say, ‘Yeah!’ and [give a thumbs up]. I kept missing it. And Logan Lerman was saying, ‘You suck!’”

On the Set with Luke Wilson: Most of Wilson’s scenes are with the other adult actors in the film or with Logan Lerman who is now a fan of the actor. “Luke is the best,” said Lerman. “On set and off set, he’s hysterical. I’m a big fan of his movies, like Old School and Rushmore and all that. It was a lot of fun.”

Linley said, “We didn’t have a lot of scenes with him but the scenes we did, it was kind of cool because in between takes, he’s kind of like a big kid.” Wilson and his young co-stars would try and throw rocks through a tire hung about 50 yards away. “We were all trying to see who could hit it first,” recalled Linley. “Wil would be like, ‘Okay, we’re rolling,’ and Luke would still be throwing at the tire. We had a good time.”

Plans for the Hoot DVD: Larson says they’ve been asked to work on items for the DVD. “They actually asked me to edit some stuff for the DVD, some goofy behind the scenes stuff.” Their audition tapes will also be included as bonus features, according to Lerman.

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