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"Hellboy" (2004)

Born in the flames of hell, and brought to our world in a pagan ritual, Hellboy was saved by his friend and mentor, the benevolent Dr. Broom. Raised in Broom's Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, Hellboy joins the likes of the "Mer-Man" Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, the woman he loves who can psychically control fire, and Myers, the FBI agent who is his rival for Liz's affections.
  1. Hellboy II The Golden Army
  2. Selma Blair

"Hellboy" Movie Trailers and Clips
"Hellboy" movie trailers in Real Media and Windows Media formats, along with behind-the-scenes footage and interview clips.

"Hellboy" Photo Gallery
Gallery of production photos from "Hellboy," featuring Ron Perlman, Brian Steele, and Rupert Evans.

Ron Perlman Confirms "Hellboy 2"
Ron Perlman showed up at the April 7, 2004 Premiere of the mob comedy "The Whole Ten Yards" looking relaxed and ready to enjoy somebody else's movie for a change. While working the red carpet, Perlman confirmed there will be a "Hellboy 2" and offered some suggestions for what may happen to the big red demon.

Movie Review: "Hellboy"
Ron Perlman is terrific as the big red guy who fights on the side of good in this movie from writer/director, Guillermo del Toro.

"Hellboy" Video Clips
Six clips from the movie "Hellboy" in Real Media and Windows Media formats.

"Hellboy" Video Clips
Six clips from the movie "Hellboy" in Real Media and Windows Media formats.

"Hellboy" DVD Extras - Bonus Feature Clips
Preview bonus feature clips from the DVD release of the movie "Hellboy," starring Ron Perlman in the title role.

"Hellboy" Movie Credits
Cast and crew list for "Hellboy," starring Ron Perlman and Selma Blair.

"Hellboy" Production News
Filming starts on "Hellboy," starring Ron Perlman, Selma Blair and John Hurt, and directed by Guillermo Del Toro.

"Hellboy" Release Date News
Revolution Studios announced the projected release date for "Hellboy," directed by Guillermo Del Toro.

Official "Hellboy" Website
Sony Pictures and Revolution Studios' official site for the action drama. RELEASE DATE: Memorial Weekend, 2004

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