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Queen Latifah Struts Her Stuff in Hairspray


Queen Latifah Struts Her Stuff in Hairspray

Queen Latifah at the Hollywood Premiere of Hairspray presented by New Line Cinema.

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What’s Left to Accomplish in Her Career? “Sleep,” replied Queen Latifah. “I hear about it. It's this elusive thing that people tell me about. Mostly people that don't work, they know about it. They do a lot of it. People who drink a lot. What do I want to do? I don't know. I want to do some kind of smart thriller, action kind of project. I want to get to shoot a gun again. That's always fun for me because other than the gun range, you don't do that in real life. And I wouldn't mind doing some type of sci-fi. I like doing sci-fi. So some sort of big, non-cheesy, smart kind of science fiction thing. Maybe not a Star Wars but something in that vein could be kind of fun.”

Queen Latifah said something like a Transformers 2 would be fun to be involved with. “Yeah. Long as I get to shoot something. Blade Runner, something like that was cool. What was the Schwarzenegger thing? Total Recall, stuff like that. There's not a whole bunch of those floating around so something like that would be a dream come true.”

Queen Latifah may be longing for a few thrills in an action movie because most of her film work has been in more sentimental types of movies. Asked if she also likes those sort of films, Queen Latifah replied with a gagging noise. She quickly added, “No, I'm just kidding. I definitely do. I like a good tear jerker, but I like having fun too. I ride motorcycles so that side of me wants to have fun. And I've done stuff, like I just did Life Support for HBO and that was definitely a tear jerker. But I like to mix it up. I never like to do the same thing over and over because it is boring. It can get boring.”

Another Upcoming Movie – Artic Tale: Queen Latifah narrates the film which follows a young polar bear and a young walrus from birth to adulthood. Explaining how she got involved in that documentary, Queen Latifah said it all started with a phone call. “They just called and my agent told me she had a project that kind of could be in the vein of March of the Penguins and I'm a big National Geographic fan anyway. I watch it at home all the time. So the way that they do movies and the way that the footage, the kind of footage they're able to get always amazed me. So to be a part of something like that was kind of also my own way of helping out with the environmental cause, maybe sort of bringing more light to people or bringing more attention to that entire cause because when you personalize it and make it about this cute little bear cub and this cute little walrus, it makes it more personal. Sometimes we just don't get it. People don't really make that connection. When you make things personal and you make them entertaining, people kind of can connect to it.

I think it's the same way people will connect to the messages in Hairspray. It's entertaining but there are some messages in there. It's kind of maybe because we don't knock you over the head with it and tell you what to do, that you could probably accept it a little more.”

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