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Filmmakers and Friends Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez Talk "Grindhouse"


Filmmakers and Friends Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez Talk "Grindhouse"

Robert Rodriguez on the set of his "Planet Terror" segment of the movie "Grindhouse."

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Of the continuity breaks, how much were intentional and how many were just found in editing?

Robert Rodriguez: “In other words, how much of it is really intentional, how much of it is just bad filmmaking? You'll never know. But we came into problems like that I would go, 'Wow, that doesn't quite work, does it? But maybe people will think it's intentional.'”

Quentin Tarantino: “That was one of the kind of fun things of trying to get into this vibe of filmmaking, was we just found that we got tickled…on any other movie, what would drive us crazy, we got kind of tickled when it happened on this movie. If the cameraman bumped into the wall as he was going back and the camera had a little jiggle, we liked that. If the focus puller buzzed on somebody as opposed to getting it sharp and they had to find the focus, it took them a second to get there, we end up loving that in the editing room. 'Oh, that's the s**t.'”

How important was it to make your female characters strong and empowered?

Quentin Tarantino: “We definitely want that. That stuff's also fun but at the same time, it's actually not foreign to the genres that we're dealing with, these type of B movies. Especially if you go to the kung fu movies of the '70s in Hong Kong or even in Japan, the female avenger has always been a staple there. Those were the movies that allowed women to do that. Not the Hollywood movies.”

Robert Rodriguez:They Called Her One Eye or I Spit On Your Grave.”

Quentin Tarantino: “But even my film is using the slasher film structure and that is the third act of every slasher film is the final girl going on and vanquishing the boogey man because she is the one with the moral fortitude that can wipe them out.”

Do you look at these genre films and think, 'Boy, there hasn't been a woman in bondage film in a while'?

Quentin Tarantino: “It's funny. To say that I think in terms of genre would be an understatement. I think in terms of subgenre. To put a point on that, everyone's calling Robert's movie a zombie movie. Actually, it's a subgenre inside the zombie movie which is the infected people movie, which is not quite a zombie movie but definitely would be on the same shelf.”

Robert Rodriguez: “In the second half, it turns into a ‘women in cages’ movie.”

What's the next step in getting people to rediscover lost gems?

Quentin Tarantino: “Actually, it seems to me when I go to the DVD stores and everything, I have never seen more of these titles that I've always heard about but never had a chance to see ever available before. All the old Italian films are just coming out. Normally when we saw them in America, they might have had 15 or 10 or 20 minutes cut out and now we're seeing the full versions. Maybe they're not always quite as good in the full version. The exploitation distributor in America knew they were right to cut those moments out.

What I think the next step would be, which I would love, is through Grindhouse, what I'd like to do is when we start doing Grindhouse DVD kind of things is one of the Grindhouse labels could very well be just actual double features of these old cool exploitation movies from the late '60s, early '70s, again with the same format. The trailers in the front all picked by me, all arranged by me not trying to act as commercials but just an aesthetic. Or we could do the same thing we did with Grindhouse with legitimately old real '70s films on DVD and create that whole little movie experience where you press play and woosh [all in a box].”

Would you like to keep doing these grindhouse movies if this is a success?

Robert Rodriguez: “It’s such a big idea. Once we got the first idea of doing the double feature together and then when he called it Grindhouse, it suddenly became this umbrella for a lot of projects we could do and that’s when we go the most excited about that.”

Are Harvey and Bob Weinstein stoked about that too?

Quentin Tarantino: “Yeah, they love the idea of this being a label and everything. One of the things I loved about it, it gave me an opportunity for me to say, ‘Let’s do an blaxploitation movie, do a spaghetti western, do something like that where the weight of the world isn’t riding on it.’ I don’t have to reinvent cinema in order to do it, I can just do it.”

Are you proud of the outlaw title?

Quentin Tarantino: “Oh, definitely. It's a cool title. It's always a good adjective.”

Robert Rodriguez: “You have more freedom. Outlaws have the freedom to do whatever the hell they want and that's just a good place to be creatively. And I think the audience gets the benefit.”

Quentin Tarantino: “Outlaw's an adjective and a noun.”

Will you get to Inglorious Bastards or Vega Brothers?

Quentin Tarantino: “I don't know about the Vega Brothers. I might someday write that as a paperback because I think the actors, we've all gotten a little older since then. But I could do it as a paperback any time I wanted. Inglorious Bastards should probably be the very next thing I end up doing.”

When will we get the complete Kill Bill cut?

Quentin Tarantino: “Actually, it's all done. It's ready to go but we're just working Grindhouse now so Kill Bill from beginning to end will probably be released sometime in the course of this year.”

Quentin, are there any movies you haven't seen?

Quentin Tarantino: “There's a couple. There's a few, there's a few - like four.”

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