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Griffiths, Rachel

Oscar-nominated ("Hilary and Jackie") Australian actress Rachel Griffiths has been starring in films since the early 1990s. Her film credits include "Muriel's Wedding," "The Rookie," and "My Best Friend's Wedding."
  1. "Ned Kelly"
  2. "The Hard Word"
  3. "The Rookie"
  4. Step Up

Interview with Rachel Griffiths
Rachel Griffiths talks about her role in "The Rookie" opposite Dennis Quaid.

"The Rookie" Photo Gallery
Gallery of publicity stills from "The Rookie," featuring Rachel Griffiths, Dennis Quaid and Jay Hernandez.

"The Hard Word" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from Lions Gate Films' "The Hard Word," featuring Rachel Griffiths and Guy Pearce.

"Amy" is the poignant drama of a young girl traumatized by the tragic death of her father who retreats into a world of silence. Ultimately through the efforts of her dedicated mother and a young drop-out musician who lives next door, Amy breaks out of her self-imposed isolation by communicating through music – and transforming the lives of everyone around her.

"Children of the Revolution"
The 'Official Sam Neill Home Page' has trailers and movie clips from the film starring Sam Neill, Rachel Griffiths, and Judy Davis.

"Six Feet Under"
HBO's critically acclaimed series about the Fisher family and the funeral home they own and operate. Rachel Griffiths co-stars Nate Fisher's (Peter Krause) girlfriend.

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