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Gere, Richard

Richard Gere's political and charitable causes consume as much of his time as his movies but he's still managed to star in more than 30 films.
  1. "Amelia"
  2. "Bee Season"
  3. "Brooklyn's Finest"
  4. "Chicago"
  5. "I'm Not There"
  6. "Movie 43"
  7. "Nights in Rodanthe"
  8. "Shall We Dance"
  9. "Unfaithful"

Richard Gere and Diane Lane on "Nights in Rodanthe"
The romantic drama "Nights in Rodanthe" is the third film Richard Gere and Diane Lane have done together, and at the Los Angeles press conference for the Warner Bros movie it was obvious the two enjoy each other's company.

Richard Gere Talks About "The Hoax"
Richard Gere on "The Hoax," picking up awards for his work, Diane Lane, Julia Roberts, and his career.

"Unfaithful" Cast Interviews
Richard Gere, Diane Lane, and Olivier Martinez discuss their roles in director Adrian Lyne's erotic thriller about passion and pain.

Richard Gere and Diane Lane Reunite for "Nights in Rodanthe"
(May 2007) Warner Bros Pictures announced shooting is now underway in Rodanthe, North Carolina on the romantic movie, "Nights in Rodanthe," based on the Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling novel. Diane Lane and Richard Gere played a married couple in "Unfaithful" and are teaming up again for this drama.

"Brooklyn's Finest" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "Brooklyn's Finest" starring Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke, Don Cheadle, Wesley Snipes and Shannon Kane.

"Nights in Rodanthe" Photos
Gallery of photos from the Warner Bros Pictures movie, "Nights in Rodanthe," starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere.

"I'm Not There" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from the movie "I'm Not There" featuring photos of Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Richard Gere, Ben Whishaw, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Marcus Carl Franklin.

"Unfaithful" Photo Gallery
Gallery of stills featuring the stars of the film, Diane Lane, Richard Gere, and Olivier Martinez.

"Shall We Dance?" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from the Miramax Films movie "Shall We Dance," featuring Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon.

"Bee Season" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from the Fox Searchlight movie, "Bee Season," starring Richard Gere, Max Minghella and Flora Cross.

Movie Review - "Chicago"
One of my personal favorite films of 2002, "Chicago" is a fast-paced movie musical featuring a great cast and sharply choreographed song and dance numbers.

"Chicago" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from the movie musical, "Chicago," starring Richard Gere, Renee Zellweger, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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