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Andrew Garfield

Born in LA but brought up in England, Andrew Garfield seemed to have come out of nowhere to land the lead in the reboot of the "Spider-Man" franchise. But actually Garfield's been quietly raking up film, TV and stage credits since the early 2000s.

Andrew Garfield films, photos, interviews, biography and news:
  1. "The Amazing Spider-Man"
  2. Lions for Lambs
  3. Never Let Me Go
  4. The Social Network

Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx Talk "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"
(July 2013) Spider-Man and Electro team up to chat about "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con.

Andrew Garfield Talks About "The Amazing Spider-Man"
(June 2012) Andrew Garfield on why he relates to Spider-Man/Peter Parker, stunt work, Stan Lee, webslingers, and the training process.

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Marc Webb Interview
Interview with Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and director Marc Webb on rebooting the franchise, looking at each other in their costumes, the stunts in 3D, the romance, the comedy, and Tobey Maguire.

Interview Video
Andrew Garfield interview on "The Amazing Spider-Man," what makes this Peter Parker different than anyone other version, and why the origin story's being done again.

First "Spider-Man" Photos
Check out Andrew Garfield in costume as Spider-Man in these first official photos from "The Amazing Spider-Man."

Andrew Garfield Discusses the "Spider-Man" Reboot
(Sep 2010) In Telluride for the festival screening of "Never Let Me Go," Andrew Garfield - the new Spider-Man - spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about taking over the starring role in the franchise.

The Obvious Has Been Confirmed
(Sep 2012) We have details on the next "Spider-Man" movie and it's pretty much what you'd expect.

And Another "Spider-Man" Update
(Dec 2010) Speaking to The Guardian, the 27 year old fresh-faced actor joked that he feels like he's wearing pajamas when he puts on the Spidey suit. Garfield added, "I can only say how it feels and it feels pretty special. It feels like a dream realized and a fantasy realized."

Top 10 Supporting Actors of 2010
Andrew Garfield made my Top 10 list for his performance in "Never Let Me Go."

"The Amazing Spider-Man" Photos
Check out Andrew Garfield in costume as Spider-Man in "The Amazing Spider-Man."

2011 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Exclusive Red Carpet Photos
Gallery of photos from the 2011 Los Angeles Film Critics Association red carpet featuring Andrew Garfield, Colin Firth, Armie Hammer, Edgar Ramirez, Molly Ringwald, Aaron Sorkin, Tom Hooper, Jacki Weaver, Hye-ja Kim, Lena Dunham, Lixin Fan, Livia Giuggioli, Liz Watts, David Michod, Nora von Waldstatten, Olivia Williams, Olivier Assayas, Paul Mazursky, Alexandre Desplat, Atticus Ross, Trent Reznor, Darla K Anderson, Lee Unkrich, and Elizabeth Chambers.

Andrew Garfield Biography
Biography of actor Andrew Garfield who takes over the lead role in the Spider-Man film franchise from Tobey Maguire.

Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man
(July 2010) Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios finally made the official announcement. After months and months of speculation and rumors, Andrew Garfield is the new Spider-Man. Garfield will be taking over the role of Peter Parker in the reboot of the "Spider-Man" franchise set to hit theaters on July 3, 2012.

"The Social Network" Finds Its Leading Players
(Sep 2009) Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, and Andrew Garfield have been cast in the lead roles in "The Social Network," the dramatic retelling of the rise of Facebook.

"The Social Network" Photos
Gallery of photos from the dramatic movie "The Social Network" starring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Armie Hammer, Max Minghella, Rooney Mara, Brenda Song, and Joseph Mazzello.

"Never Let Me Go" Photos
Gallery of photos from the dramatic movie "Never Let Me Go" starring Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Domhnall Gleeson, and Andrea Riseborough.

"Lions for Lambs" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "Lions for Lambs" starring Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Andrew Garfield, Michael Pena and Derek Luke.

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