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Naomi Watts Talks About 'Funny Games' and 'The Birds'


Naomi Watts Talks About 'Funny Games' and 'The Birds'

Naomi Watts, Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet in Funny Games.

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Naomi Watts Press Conference

Do you think not showing the violence is more effective? You never see that going on. You just hear these horrible screams.
Naomi Watts: “Yeah, that's the thing. It ends up being a much more powerful effect. You hear it and then you see the aftermath. You don't see the actual thing except for that one moment which he almost gives you. But yeah, it becomes much more authentic and you're not numbed by the violence. You don't think that it's cool. You don't think it's hip. You don't think it's sexy or funny. You see it and you feel it in its most brutal way, which again, is sort of Michael saying, 'Violence is hideous and inexcusable no matter what.' I think that we're so used to sitting in films and excusing violence because it's a bad guy and it's revenge. So you're cheering it on.”

Taking the work home with you, does it help to be in a relationship with another actor who can support and understand you?
Naomi Watts: “Yeah, it does actually. You can talk about it and they understand it. Liev [Schreiber] came to the set a few times. I think he liked the way that Michael worked too. I don't think that every actor could deal with it, but he's an actor that likes to takes risks. In my mind there isn't a director that I respect that wouldn't appreciate Michael Haneke and his work. In fact, as I was wrestling with the decision making of this, I called a couple of directors that I've worked with and bounced the idea off of them. Unanimously they all said, 'You must work with him.'”

Can you talk briefly about your upcoming role in The Birds?
Naomi Watts: “It's a work in progress at this point. I think it's a wonderful film that has great things in it that interest me. The script isn't completely there yet and it probably won't happen until next year.”

Are you talking with Brad [Fuller] and Andrew [Form] about the formation of the script and its development?
Naomi Watts: “ Not yet. I'm sure that they'll come to me with the next draft. I've seen one draft and it's good and there is more to develop.”

Are you going to or have you met with Tippi Hedren?
Naomi Watts: “ I met with her because she was in that film I did I Heart Huckabees. She had a little part in that and David O. Russell introduced us. I was pretty fascinated by her then because people have often said that we're alike.”

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