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"Freedomland" (2006)

Freedomland Movie Synopsis: Late one night in a working class New Jersey suburb, a bloodied woman staggers mute and dazed into the emergency room at the Dempsy Medical Center. After treatment for shock and hysteria, she recounts a horrific tale of being carjacked but the interrogator senses she's not telling the whole story.
  1. Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore Talks About "Freedomland"
Julianne Moore on "Freedomland" and making it through very emotional scenes.

"Freedomland" Movie Trailer and Clips
Trailer and 6 clips from the movie "Freedomland" in Windows Media and Real Media formats.

"Freedomland" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from the Sony Pictures movie, "Freedomland," starring Samuel L Jackson and Julianne Moore.

"Freedomland" Movie Credits
Cast and crew list for "Freedomland" starring Julianne Moore and Samuel L Jackson.

"Freedomland" Poster
"The truth is hiding where no one dares to look"

Official "Freedomland" Website
Sony Pictures' official site for "Freedomland." RELEASE DATE: february 17, 2006

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