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'Fast and Furious 6' Movie Review

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Vin Diesel stars in 'Fast and Furious 6'

Vin Diesel stars in 'Fast and Furious 6'

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Now that the Fast and Furious franchise has given up any pretense at being based in reality, I expect Fast and Furious 7 to involve Vin Diesel and Paul Walker heading into space to save the world from some apocalyptic threat. That's not a far-fetched assumption based on the gigantic leap Fast and Furious 6 took into the land of superheroes and make believe.
Yes, there are still fast cars involved in this F&F. And yes, some of the street racing scenes are among the best of the franchise - and that's saying a lot given the stunts showcased in previous F&F films. However, in Fast and Furious 6 the gang - or 'family' - is now capable of pulling off superhuman feats that defy logic (and gravity). And I'm not talking about cars maneuvering through streets. No, I'm referring to action scenes in which the actors pull off stunts that would have been more appropriate to a Superman or Spider-Man movie.
It's gotten to the point where much of the action is ludicrous, and even the diehard fans in attendance at the preview screening were groaning a bit out of sheer disbelief at some of the action sequences. We appear to have reached a point of no return, a line's been crossed and Fast and Furious is no longer about hot cars. Now it's about US Marshals calling on the gang to help stop a savvy group of fellow hot car enthusiasts who are after some super secret computer chip that's worth billions. Or something like that... I lost track of the plot somewhere about 30 minutes in and resorted to just taking in the playful jabs directed at Tyrese's character, the awesome game of ab-flexing one-upmanship going on between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, and the outlandish but still fun to watch car chases.

Do we need to talk about the acting? No. If you've watched any of the previous five Fast and Furious films you know exactly what to expect from each of the returning actors, and none does anything extra special this time around. Luke Evans and Gina Carano make their F&F debuts with F&F 6 and fit right into the group performance-wise.

Now, just because I'm putting down the plot and poking fun at the over-the-top action scenes doesn't necessarily mean I consider Fast and Furious 6 a bad movie or a film unworthy of being a part of the franchise. With each subsequent entry into the blockbuster series, the plot has further loosened its grip on reality - and Fast and Furious 6's further leap into the absurd was not unexpected. And, seriously, as long as the action scenes deliver the thrills, that's all we can ask of any F&F film at this point.

Grade: B-

Fast and Furious 6 was directed by Justin Lin and is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action and mayhem throughout, some sexuality and language.

Theatrical Release: May 24, 2013

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