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Colin Farrell and Terrence Malick May Take on "Tree of Life"

"The New World" Team May Reunite for "Tree of Life"


Updated February 26, 2014
Terrence Malick and Colin Farrell apparently had a good enough time working together on New Line Cinema's "The New World" that they're considering teaming up for another project.

Malick is in talks to write and direct "Tree of Life" for Percept Picture Co and producer Donald Rosenfeld. Farrell may take on one of the leading roles.

The storyline for "Tree of Life" is being kept a secret but The Hollywood Reporter disclosed filming is scheduled to begin in India in early 2006.

Meanwhile "The New World" is in post-production and is scheduled to hit theaters on Christmas Day.

Farrell is currently filming the big screen adaptation of the TV series "Miami Vice" alongside Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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