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Colin Farrell Talks to GQ About "Alexander" and Relationships

Colin Farrell on Playing Alexander the Great and Women


Angelina Jolie Colin Farrell Alexander

Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell in "Alexander"

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NEW YORK, Oct. 18, 2004 - In the November issue of GQ, cover subject Colin Farrell, Hollywood's rowdiest leading man, talks to writer-at-large Chris Heath about his short-lived marriage, his years without a relationship, and why playing the title role in Oliver Stone's epic "Alexander the Great" drove him "a bit crazy." Interview highlights include:

On playing Alexander: "I just felt very lonely and very sad," says Farrell of taking on the character. "That [Alexander] never got to a place of comfort, a place of joy, a place where he ever felt like he was achieving enough. He was never surrounded by the love that he really wanted, even though he was lauded and applauded and deified. He may have worn it on the outside, but he never felt it on the inside."

Director Oliver Stone on casting Farrell as Alexander: "I was looking for a young god, who could act .... An Alexander who could walk into the room and look in the eyes of any man, and he could move them to be beyond themselves." He continues, "It's a combination of masculinity and, at the same time, beauty and femininity. It's a beautiful balance if you can pull it off."

Costar Angelina Jolie on how she thinks the role helped Farrell: "[the tough role] helped him become more of a man. I know it was hard, the hours were hard, and the physical labor was hard, and he was allowing all his demons to come through ... but I was kind of secretly sitting in the corner, excited, happy for his pain, knowing that it would make him grow."

Farrell on his short-lived marriage to actress Amelia Warner three years ago: "I was madly in love. Jesus, it was a whole thing. I asked her to marry me. I had a ring. There was a time I thought I'd spend the rest of my life with this girl. That time didn't last that long, and that was that."

On whether he has soured on the idea of marriage: "No, no, no. I've never been twice shy from being once bitten."

On being single since his marriage ended and whether he might be avoiding a relationship: "Oh, I'm sure I am. If I started seeing someone now, I'd be freaked, I'm sure, within a day. I'd be waiting to walk away, waiting for the change, and then I would create the change."

Chris Heath's profile, "The Wild One," is in the November issue of GQ, on newsstands nationwide Tuesday, October 26, 2004. GQ is the leading men's general-interest magazine and part of Conde Nast Publications, Inc.


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