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Aaron Eckhart Talks About Joining "The Dark Knight"

Exclusive Interview with Eckhart on the Next "Batman" Movie


Aaron Eckhart Talks About Joining

Aaron Eckhart at the premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' "300."

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Aaron Eckhart was recently nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for his work in the indie film, Thank You for Smoking, but it's Eckhart's upcoming film project that's really generating a lot of talk. Eckhart is ready to play villain Harvey Dent, aka Two Face, in the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Eckhart joins returning Batman cast members Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman, as well as another newcomer to the Batman universe, Oscar-nominated actor Heath Ledger who's on board to play Batman baddie - The Joker.

On the red carpet at the premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' action epic 300, Eckhart wasn't ready to give away anything about his character Harvey Dent or the script. Eckhart's not sure what is a secret and what's not a secret, and didn't even want to confirm exactly when filming's expected to begin.

Is the opportunity to work with Christopher Nolan what appeals to you about working on The Dark Knight? Is that the reason you signed on?
"It's certainly one of them. It's a huge, huge, deal. I love his work. I think he and his brother just wrote a firecracker of a script. And the cast - everything is first-class. The series, I'm looking forward to working on. Batman Begins, everything is just top notch."

Were you a fan of Batman Begins?
"Yeah, absolutely."

Did you go back and read any of the Batman comics in order to get into this character?
"I'm doing my research. I don't want to be a complete idiot when I get to the set (laughing)."

Does that mean you weren't a comic book fan to begin with?
"Let me see...I don't know that I have any comic books."

So you didn't read any as a kid?
"Well, let me see. I grew up watching Batman when I came home from school - the Kabaam! and Kaboom! and Robin and all that sort of stuff. Other than that, I just kind of read other books."

Do you approach playing a character based on a comic book any differently than you'd approach any other character?
"No, not at all, because you're a human being and three-dimensional with thoughts. That's the key, I think, is to make him as human as possible because that way the audience completely forgets that they're watching anything but just the story unfolding in front of them. Even like tonight, watching this movie... I mean, they're not going to be cartoon characters. They're going to be real people with thoughts and feelings and emotions."

Is there going being a lot of special effects and make-up effects with your character?
"I think there will be a certain amount of that..."

Have you done that type of work before?
"Not to this extent, for sure. No. I'm looking forward to it."

And working with Christian Bale and everyone who has already done a Batman movie together?
"I'm looking forward to it. I'm very excited about working with him and Heath Ledger and Gary Oldman, and everybody. That's something I think about a lot."

What else are you working on?
"I've got a movie coming out next year called No Reservations which is a little love story. And then I have a movie...Alan Ball directed his first movie and so that's going to come out. I did three movies last year, I'll do Batman this year, and then see what happens next year."

You're really changing up the genres.
"Yeah. I like to do comedy, romance, and you know a little bit of drama. It's definitely putting a lot of things in the pot and keeping it interesting for me so I can be challenged by what I'm doing all the time."

Rather watch a video? Check out Aaron Eckhart on the red carpet at the 300 premiere.

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