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'Easy A' Movie Credits

Emma Stone and Penn Badgley Star in 'Easy A'


Easy A Cast List

Emma Stone - 'Olive'
Penn Badgley - 'Woodchuck Todd'
Amanda Bynes - 'Marianne'
Thomas Haden Church - 'Mr Griffith'
Dan Byrd - 'Brandon'
Cam Gigandet - 'Micah'
Lisa Kudrow - 'Mrs Griffith'
Malcolm MacDowell - 'Principal Gibbons'
Patricia Clarkson - 'Rosemary'
Aly Michalka - 'Rhiannon'
Stanley Tucci - 'Dill'
Fred Armisen - 'Pastor'
Juliette Goglia - 'Eighth Grade Olive'
Jake Sandvig - 'Anson'

Crew List

Directed By: Will Gluck
Screenplay By: Bert V Royal
Producers: Zanne Devine and Will Gluck
Director of Photography: Michael Grady
Editor: Susan Littenberg
Production Designer: Marcia Hinds

Genre: Comedy
Theatrical Release Date: September 17, 2010
Running Time: 92 minutes
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for mature thematic elements involving teen sexuality, language and some drug material

Studio: Screen Gems

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