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Top 10 Jet Li Movies

The Best of Jet Li on Film

By Beth Accomando

Like Jet Li but not sure which of his movies you need to see in order to fully understand the martial artist's talent? Work your way down this list for a greater appreciation of all things Jet Li.

The basics on Jet Li: Born April 26, 1963 in Hebei, China. For details on the talented actor/martial arts expert, read our Jet Li Profile.

1. 'Fist of Legend' - 1994

© Dimension Films
You must see 'Fist of Legend' if only for the friendly fight with Yasuaki Kurata - and the killer one at the end with Billy Chow. (Written and directed by Gordon Chan)
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2. 'My Father is a Hero (aka 'The Enforcer) - 1995

The Enforcer
© Tai Seng Entertainment
This one made the list because Li paired up with tiny martial arts dynamo Tze Miu. (Directed by Corey Yuen Kwai)
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3. 'Once Upon a Time in China' - 1990

Once Upon a Time in China
© Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Where he plays Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hung. (Directed by Tsui Hark)
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4. 'The Legend of the Swordsmen II' - 1992

The Legend of the Swordsman II
© Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Don't worry about seeing Swordsmen I. None of the plot makes any sense but this film has some insane wirework. (Directed by Ching Siu-Tung)
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5. 'The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk' - 1993

The Legend
© Dimension Films
Jet Li's character has a mom who can kick ass as well as her son. (Directed by Corey Yuen)
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6. 'Fearless' 2006

© Rogue Pictures
Jet Li goes back to the basics and delivers a classic. (Directed by Ronny Yu)
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7. 'Hero' - 2002

© Miramax Films
Martial arts action as a poetic ballet. (Directed by Yimou Zhang)
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8. 'Black Mask' - 1996

Black Mask
© Artisan Entertainment
Wacky, slightly sci-fi tale with crazy action and Jet Li in a goofy superhero mask.(Directed by Daniel Lee)
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9. 'The Tai Chi Master' - 1993

Tai Chi Master
© Golden Harvest
Watch this one to see Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh fighting on the same side rather than opposite ones as the do in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. (Directed by Yuen Woo Ping)
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10. 'Lethal Weapon 4' - 1998

Lethal Weapon 4
© Warner Bros Home Entertainment
Just because you have to see his U.S. debut. (Directed by Richard Donner)
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