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Dushku, Eliza

Eliza Dushku was born on December 30, 1980 in Massachusetts. Eliza's been working steady in films since her first role in 1992's "That Night." She gained a new group of admirers after her portrayal of the other vampire slayer, Faith, in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar.
  1. "Bottle Shock"
  2. "Bring It On"
  3. "City By The Sea"
  4. "Soul Survivors"
  5. "The New Guy"
  6. "Wrong Turn"

Eliza Dushku Interview
Eliza talks about her role in "The New Guy" and "City By The Sea" as well as her body image and her portrayal of 'tough girl' characters.

"Bring It On" Publicity Stills
Gallery of production photos from the film featuring Eliza Dushku, Kirsten Dunst, and Jesse Bradford.

"The New Guy" Production Photos
Here's a gallery of publicity stills from Columbia Pictures/Revolution Studios romantic comedy, "The New Guy," starring DJ Qualls as high school nerd who reinvents himself and becomes the mysterious and popular 'new guy.'

"Soul Survivors" Production Photos
Gallery of stills featuring Eliza Dushku, Wes Bentley and Melissa Sagemiller.

"Wrong Turn" Photo Gallery
Gallery of production photos from "Wrong Turn," featuring Eliza Dushku, Desmond Harrington, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Jeremy Sisto.

"Bye Bye Love"
Matthew Modine, Randy Quaid, Paul Reiser, Amy Brenneman, and Eliza Dushku star in this tale of divorced dads who have to relearn how to deal with their young children.

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