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"Dragonfly" (2002)

Dr. Joe Darrow (Kevin Costner) becomes obsessed with the idea that his late wife (Susanna Thompson) is trying to contact him through the near-death experiences of his patients. Here's a collection of links to interviews, photos, and websites dedicated to the film and its stars.
  1. Kevin Costner Websites

Interviews With the Cast of "Dragonfly"
Kevin Costner joined fellow cast members and special invited guests for the February 18, 2002 Premiere of his supernatural romantic thriller, "Dragonfly." Here are interviews from the Premiere.

Photos from the Premiere
Here's a collection of snapshots from the LA Premiere of "Dragonfly."

"Dragonfly" Production Stills
Publicity photos from the set of "Dragonfly," featuring Kevin Costner, Kathy Bates and director Tom Shadyac.

Official "Dragonfly" Website
Get a spiritual reading or just browse the site for photos, cast & crew info, production news, and the film's trailer.

Review: Mick LaSalle/San Francisco Chronicle
LaSalle's review is mostly negative however he does concede that, "as an etching of an emotion and a vehicle for Costner, the movie makes a case for itself."

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