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Exclusive Interview with Karl Urban, the Star of "Doom"

Karl Urban Discusses His Role in "Doom"


Exclusive Interview with Karl Urban, the Star of

A scene from "Doom"

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Updated February 25, 2014
New Zealand actor Karl Urban ("The Bourne Supremacy") stars as John Grimm in Universal Pictures' big screen adaptation of the "Doom 3" video game, "Doom."

Set for release on October 21, 2005, "Doom" the movie takes place countless years in the future and is stylistically similar to the popular video game. The film features the same sort of 'kamikaze style' as the game and afford audiences a look at the "Doom" version of our future in this universe.

Universal Pictures presented a "Doom" panel at the 2005 San Diego Comic Con which featured an appearance by Karl Urban and The Rock, as well as "Doom" producers and effects people. Prior to his taking the stage, I had the chance to grab this exclusive interview with 'The Doom Guy' himself, Karl Urban:


Part One
Karl Urban on the Script, the Game, and Who is John Grimm - Play the Clip

Part Two

Karl Urban on Training for the Role and His Attraction to "Doom" - Play the Clip

Part Three

Karl Urban on Women and "Doom" and His Next Projects - Play the Clip

"Doom" was directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak and will be released by Universal Pictures on October 21, 2005.

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