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Author Veronica Roth Divergent Interview - Part 1

Veronica Roth's first novel, Divergent, was picked up by Summit Entertainment (the studio behind all the Twilight movies) and soon will be made into a major feature film. No names are currently attached to star in the film version (there aren't even any rumors floating around on the internet as of July 2011 when our interview occurred), but we do know that Evan Daugherty (Snow White and the Huntsman) has been tapped to adapt Roth's book.

We're still a few years away from seeing a movie version of Divergent, however the author made the trip to San Diego for the 2011 Comic Con in support of her book and the film project it spawned. And in part 1 of our exclusive interview, Roth talks about her Comic Con experience, creating the main factions in the book, explaining and defining the different virtues of each faction to her readers, the book's violence and how it could be portrayed on screen, and casting Beatrice and Four:

View Part 2 of our interview with Veronica Roth: Divergent Interview, Part 2

Divergent Plot:

In the dystopic future of Divergent, society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to a particular virtue: honesty, selflessness, bravery, peacefulness, or intelligence. After leaving her family for a rival faction, sixteen-year-old Beatrice undertakes a brutal initiation in her new home while keeping a secret that could lead to her death. But when she discovers growing unrest between the factions of her seemingly-perfect society, Beatrice must decide whether to reveal her true self in order to save the ones she loves.

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