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Darren Aronofsky Discusses 'RoboCop' and 'The Fighter'


Darren Aronofsky Discusses 'RoboCop' and 'The Fighter'

Darren Aronofsky at the Hollywood premiere of 'The Fountain.'

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Updated December 03, 2008

Darren Aronofsky's earning rave reviews for his latest film, The Wrestler, which captured the Golden Lion at the 2008 Venice Film Festival and recently earned a Best Feature nomination from the 2009 Film Independent's Spirit Awards. The Wrestler's also being recognized as the film responsible for resurrecting Mickey Rourke's career. Next up for Aronofsky is a resurrection of a different kind – a re-invisioning of RoboCop.

During the November 2008 press tour for The Wrestler, Aronofsky briefly touched on the status of RoboCop which, he confirmed in our exclusive interview, is not a remake of the 1987 film directed by Paul Verhoeven. As you can tell by the brevity of his answers, Aronofsky is playing his cards close to his vest when it comes to this new RoboCop, which is aiming for a 2010 release.

How far are you along?
Darren Aronofsky: "We just finished the treatment and the screenwriter is writing. So we’ll see what happens."

And it’s not a remake?
Darren Aronofsky: "No."

It's a total re-imagining?
Darren Aronofsky: "Yes."

Does it still pretty much have the same storyline?
Darren Aronofsky: "No."

Not at all?
Darren Aronofsky: "Not at all related."

Then why even name it RoboCop?
Darren Aronofsky: "That I can't…that I don't want to answer." [actually Aronofsky did reveal the answer off the record, which is where it will remain]

So you've done the treatment, when do you expect to film? Do you have a date?
Darren Aronofsky: "I don't know. No, I mean first we have to have a script and then the studio wants the names. So that's a big step, we're waiting for that, you know, so we have to get the script."

And The Fighter?
Darren Aronofsky: "The Fighter is this great script that has such complicated issues and problems that it’s just ridiculous that that is so hard to make."

Do you believe it actually will be made?
Darren Aronofsky: "I think it will get made. It’s too good of a script to not get made."

And Mark Wahlberg’s still attached but Brad Pitt’s not?
Darren Aronofsky: "Pitt was never attached, that was just another internet nonsense thing. The internet stuff is all over the place."

It’s all crap?
Darren Aronofsky: "Not all of it, but a lot of it is. Pitt was never attached."

He was attached to The Fountain but he was not attached to The Fighter.
Darren Aronofsky: "He was definitely attached to The Fountain. We were seven weeks away from shooting when that happened. I just saw him the other night, he looks amazing. The guy looks younger than I've ever seen him."

And that's it. Pitt never was going to be a part of The Fighter and other than the fact RoboCop's moving right along, Aronofsky doesn't want to give away much information. However he was ready, willing and able to talk about The Wrestler and Mickey Rourke. Read that interview here.

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