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Leonardo DiCaprio is Attached to Star in "Blink"

DiCaprio and Writer/Director Stephen Gaghan Take on Malcolm Gladwell's Story


Updated February 19, 2014
Stephen Gaghan (writer of "Traffic") will adapt and direct the big screen version of Malcolm Gladwell's best-selling book, "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking." Leonardo DiCaprio is attached to star in the film for Universal Pictures.

Gladwell's work is an entertaining and illuminating look at snap judgments. The best-seller is about the power of the first two seconds we look at something, the impact just a glance has on decision making.

DiCaprio and Gaghan will produce "Blink" along with Brad Simpson. Gladwell will be involved with the adaptation as an executive producer.

Gaghan wrote and directed the Katie Holmes movie, "Abandon," and won an Oscar for his "Traffic" screenplay. His most recent film, "Syriana" with George Clooney, is generating Oscar buzz.

DiCaprio recently completed "The Departed" for director Martin Scorsese. If Leonardo DiCaprio actually goes through with all the films he's allegedly set to star in or produce, he'll be busy through the end of this decade.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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