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Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings stands out from the pack of young actresses, and it's not just her looks that sets her apart. Dennings shines in comedies and her distinctive style of acting has made her into one of Hollywood's most sought after actresses.
  1. "Big Momma's House 2"
  2. "Charlie Bartlett"
  3. "Down in the Valley"
  4. "London"
  5. "Nick and Norah's"
  6. "Raise Your Voice"
  7. "Shorts"
  8. "The 40 Year Old Virgin"
  9. "The House Bunny"
  10. "Thor"
  11. "Thor: The Dark World"

Kat Dennings "Shorts" Interview
Kat Dennings joined her "Shorts" co-stars, including young actor Cambell Westmoreland, on the very hot red carpet for the film's premiere in Hollywood. Dennings chatted up the family-friendly film and talked about why she took on the project.

Kat Dennings and Natalie Portman Discuss "Thor"
Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings aren't jealous their characters in "Thor" are mere mortals. At the 2010 San Diego Comic Con the two lovely ladies said they're extremely happy to be a part of the big-budget action epic and don't mind the fact their characters don't have any special powers.

Kat Dennings Interview - "The House Bunny"
Kat Dennings plays a member of a geeky sorority house taken under the wing of an ex-Playboy Bunny (played by Anna Faris) in the Columbia Pictures comedy, "The House Bunny."

Kat Dennings Biography
Details on Kat Dennings' background as well as her films.

"The 40 Year Old Virgin" Premiere Interviews
Interviews with Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Romany Malco, Kat Dennings, Jane Lynch and writer/director Judd Apatow from "The 40 Year Old Virgin" World Premiere.

12 Actors to Watch
The most difficult part of putting together this 'Actors to Watch' feature was whittling down the field to just one dozen. The decision process was made somewhat easier when the criteria was narrowed down to the actors who've generated the most buzz and/or have films coming up that are impossible to ignore.

"The 40 Year Old Virgin" Premiere Photos
Photos from the Premiere of "The 40 Year Old Virgin" featuring pics of Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Catherine Keener, Nancy Walls, Kat Dennings, Romany Malco, Mary-Louise Parker, Ira David Wood, Leslie Mann, Jason Biggs, Maria Menounos, and Seth Rogen.

"Charlie Bartlett" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "Charlie Bartlett" starring Anton Yelchin, Robert Downey Jr and Kat Dennings.

"The House Bunny" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "The House Bunny" starring Anna Faris, Emma Stone, Rumer Willis, Katharine McPhee, Dana Goodman, and Kat Dennings.

"The House Bunny" Premiere Photos
Kat Dennings joined her co-stars to pose for photos at the film's star-studded premiere in LA.

"Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" Photos
Gallery of photos from the Screen Gems movie, "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist," starring Michael Cera, Kat Dennings, Ari Graynor, Alexis Dziena, Ravi Gavron, and Aaron Yoo.

"No Strings Attached" Premiere Photos
Gallery of photos from the LA premiere of "No Strings Attached" featuring Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Mindy Kaling, Lake Bell, Kevin Kline, Demi Moore, Cary Elwes, Colin Owens, Jake Johnson, Elizabeth Meriwether, Greta Gerwig, Ivan Reitman, Justin Price, Kat Dennings, Michael Anthony Spady, Ralph Macchio, Stefanie Scott and Tia Carrere.

"Raise Your Voice" Photos
Gallery of photos from the New Line Cinema movie "Raise Your Voice," featuring Hilary Duff, Oliver James, John Corbett, Jason Ritter, and Kat Dennings.

"Shorts" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "Shorts" starring William H Macy, Rebel Rodriguez, Kat Dennings, Trevor Gagnon, Jimmy Bennett, and Leo Howard.

"Shorts" Premiere Photos
Exclusive gallery of photos from the LA premiere of the Warner Bros Pictures movie "Shorts" featuring Robert Rodriguez, Leslie Mann, Kat Dennings, Jon Cryer, Jimmy Bennett, Jolie Vanier, Jake Short, Leo Howard, Trevor Gagnon, Devon Gearhart, Cambell Westmoreland, Rebel Rodriguez, Alan Horn, Ariel Winter, Don Johnson, Lexi Ainsworth, Hannah Marks, Yara Shahidi, and Zoe Webb.

"Thor" Premiere Photos
Gallery of photos from the LA premiere of "Thor" featuring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Kenneth Branagh, Kat Dennings, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, Jaimie Alexander, Clark Gregg, Josh Dallas, Colm Feore, Rene Russo, Stan Lee, Tadanobu Asano, Ray Stevenson, Miles Teller, Michael Nardelli, Booboo Stewart, Fivel Stewart, Gillian Jacobs, Jennifer Grey, Joseph Gatt, Alison Haislip, Anton Yelchin, Daryl Sabara, Doug Jones, Elsa Pataky, Zack Stentz, Liam Hemsworth, MC Hammer, Matt Dallas, and Peter Facinelli.

Official Kat Dennings Site
Kat Dennings updates her site frequently with random musings and news about what's going on in her life.

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