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Deja Vu DVD Review

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Deja Vu DVD

"Deja Vu" on DVD

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The Bottom Line

Academy Award-winner Denzel Washington and director Tony Scott team up for the third time with Déjà Vu, an intense sci-fi/thriller also starring Val Kilmer, Paula Patton and Adam Goldberg. Featuring one of the most unusual car chase sequences on film, Déjà Vu is an incredibly entertaining thrill ride with a couple of interesting twists.
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  • A truly intriguing story
  • Great acting and great action sequences
  • Decent collection of bonus features


  • None worth noting


  • 'The Surveillance Window' - Behind-the-scenes featurettes on the ferry explosion, filming in New Orleans, and more
  • 5 deleted scenes with optional commentary by director Tony Scott
  • 3 extended scenes with optional commentary
  • DVD Release Date: April 24, 2007

Guide Review - Deja Vu DVD Review

Denzel Washington stars as ATF Agent Doug Carlin, a methodical, logical, and hard-working agent sent to investigate the explosion of a New Orleans ferry. The investigation leads Agent Carlin to believe whoever committed the horrible act also murdered a young woman (Paula Patton) whose body washed up onshore near the deadly accident.

As Carlin probes the explosion, he comes in contact with a special unit of the FBI. The group recruits him to assist with their investigation which involves a top-secret device that allows the users to view events that took place four days, six hours, and a few minutes in the past...

The Bonus Features

I'm really impressed by the 'Surveillance Window' feature on the Déjà Vu DVD. Set the Surveillance Window feature to on and then start the film (the commentary track with director Tony Scott, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and writer Bill Marsilii will begin). As specific scenes (including the ferry explosion and split-time car chase) take place, behind-the-scenes featurettes will give viewers an in-depth look at different aspects of the production.

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