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'Dark Skies' Movie Photos

Featuring Photos of Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton


Gallery of photos and poster from the sci-fi thriller Dark Skies starring Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton, and Kadan Rockett. (Photos © Dimension Films)

Dark Skies Synopsis: Dark Skies is a supernatural thriller that follows a young family living in the suburbs. As husband and wife Daniel and Lacey Barret witness an escalating series of disturbing events involving their family, their safe and peaceful home quickly unravels. When it becomes clear that the Barret family is being targeted by an unimaginably terrifying and deadly force, Daniel and Lacey take matters in their own hands to solve the mystery of what is after their family.

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Keri Russell and Kadan Rockett in Dark SkiesKeri Russell and Kadan Rockett PhotoJosh Hamilton and Kadan Rockett in Dark SkiesJosh Hamilton and Kadan Rockett PhotoKeri Russell in Dark SkiesKeri Russell PhotoKadan Rockett in Dark SkiesKadan Rockett Photo
Keri Russell in Dark SkiesKeri Russell PhotoJosh Hamilton in Dark SkiesJosh Hamilton PhotoPoster for Dark Skies'Dark Skies' Movie Poster
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