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Filming Begins on "Eucalyptus" Movie

Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, and Hugo Weaving Star in "Eucalyptus"


Feb 1, 2005 - Fox Searchlight Pictures revealed that production is expected to begin on the romantic film, "Eucalyptus," on February 7th. The cast will include Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman , Jack Thompson, and Hugo Weaving.

Fox Searchlight describes "Eucalyptus" as a "sweepingly imaginative fairy tale about love and life in Australia." The film is based on the novel by Murray Bail and was adapted for the big screen by Jocelyn Moorhouse who will also direct the project. Uberto Pasolini and Lynda House will produce the film with Crowe serving as an executive producer.

In a press release announcing the start of production Russell Crowe said, "With the help of a few friends we envision this movie as a line in the sand, a statement of power through ensemble and therefore of greater impetus to the industry in general. Per capita, Australians and New Zealanders have made an enormous contribution to world cinema. We fight above our weight. This project will prove to our aspiring writers that an Australian director using Australian actors can use international funding to tell an Australian story."

"I feel very lucky to be working with these extraordinary actors on such a uniquely Australian love story," writer/director Jocelyn Moorhouse was quoted as saying. "When I worked with Russell on 'Proof,' I was amazed by his powers as an actor and I can't wait to work with him again. Nicole has done brilliant work in overseas movies these last few years and I'm looking forward to working with her in a beautiful Australian setting."

Kidman added, "It has long been a dream of mine to come home to make a film telling a uniquely Australian story. To be able to do so with my good friend Russell makes 'Eucalyptus' extra special. Jocelyn Moorhouse has written a beautiful script - a story of love and devotion - which I am sure has universal appeal. This will be a wonderful collaboration of Australian talent."

"Eucalyptus" will be filmed in Australia. The behind the scenes team includes director of photography Mandy Walker and production/costume designer Janet Patterson.

"Eucalyptus" Official Synopsis

In a world where life and love are fragile, a widower named Holland (Jack Thompson) plants hundreds of eucalyptuses as a memorial to his wife. Living in this man-made forest, hidden away from prying eyes, is Holland's beautiful and mysterious daughter Ellen (Nicole Kidman). Over the years, men have tried to woo Ellen, to no avail. One day, Holland realizes he can no longer keep Ellen hidden, and devises a seemingly impossible competition -- the man who can name all 800 eucalyptuses on Holland's property, by sight, will win his daughter's hand in marriage. Men come from all over the land to try their luck. As a brilliant, dashing botanist (Hugo Weaving) approaches the finishing line, Ellen finds herself drawn to a mysterious stranger (Russell Crowe) whose stories of far away places take root in her soul.

Source: Fox Searchlight

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