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crazy / beautiful (2001)

Fate steps in and brings together two seniors from opposite sides of the track in this sexy story of first love. Nicole's the daughter of a wealthy congressman and Carlos is an A-student from a poor area of town. Their innocent flirtations quickly develop into passionate love, but Nicole’s self-destructive behavior threatens their relationship and puts Carlos’ promising future in jeopardy.
  1. Kirsten Dunst Websites

DVD Review: "crazy/beautiful"
Here's my review of this heavy romantic tale starring Kirsten Dunst and newcomer, Jay Hernandez.

"crazy/beautiful" Movie Review
I enjoyed the film much more on DVD than I did in the theatre. Here's my take on this romantic teen drama.

Gallery of Publicity Stills
Production photos from the romantic drama, featuring photos of Jay Hernandez, Kirsten Dunst, Taryn Manning and director, John Stockwell.

Jay Hernandez Interview
Newcomer Jay Hernandez talks about his role in the Dennis Quaid family baseball film, "The Rookie."

Bruce Davison's Official Site
Get the scoop on this talented actor at his official website.

Taryn Manning Interview
Here's an interview with actress/singer Taryn Manning about her role in the Britney Spear's movie, "Crossroads."

John Stockwell Fansite
Fansite with info on the actor/director including biographical info, photos, and an interview.

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