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Colm Feore Battles Vin Diesel in "The Chronicles of Riddick"

Interview From the World Premiere of "The Chronicles of Riddick"


Colm Feore Chronicles of Riddick

Colm Feore at the World Premiere of "The Chronicles of Riddick"

Photo © Rebecca Murray
"The Chronicles of Riddick" expands the world introduced in David Twohy's "Pitch Black." In "Riddick," the deadly Necromongers are conquering planet after planet, offering the citizens of each world two choices: either convert to the Necromonger way of life or die. Colm Feore portrays Lord Marshal, the supreme leader of the Necros and one nasty customer. The deadliest of the deadly, Lord Marshal squares off against Riddick (Vin Diesel) in a battle with the survival of the free universal on the line.

COLM FEORE ('Lord Marshal'):

What was the training process like and did you sustain any injuries?
It’s fairly tiring. I found that 2 hours in a hot shower got most of that out of your head. But we did ourselves more injury individually trying to do the fight without the other guy there. Every time I’d go to strangle Vin, he’d be in his trailer because we had our special CG of what we were against. It would be like a stick with a ball attached to it. It’s just the pretending where I hurt myself more than if he’d actually been there. So, it was a bit agonizing but the final product is going to look so good, I knew if I can just keep this device moving forward and not fall down like humpty dumpty, I’d be alright.

Is that a tough way to work as an actor?
You never know when you’re making these things how they are actually going to turn out. You trust the director and you read the script, and I kind of give myself over to that. Finally it’s a huge surprise.

What can you say about your huge battle with Vin Diesel's character, Riddick?
I can’t tell you too much about the final fight because obviously I’d get into trouble, but I do take care of Vin in the only way he understands, which is to beat the snot out of him. He needs some kicking around, he has to be spanked every now and then. But we square off throughout the film, and we discover things about each other that we didn’t know before. And each new discovery gets us closer to kind of a showdown. When we finally do have a showdown, it’s full of all the history that we brought to it. And he HAS to die. He simply has to die.

I read in the production notes where you compare this character to Julius Caesar. Is that true?
Well, not really to Caesar. He’s like one of these ancient crusading rulers or a ruler of Rome who says, “Look, we are spreading out over the known world, or known worlds, and we are taking over. Yes, we are taking over. We are going to build relationships with these people. We are going to actually involve them in our empire. It’s not all bad, it’s not all scary. We are going to make your life better. We’re going to bring you commerce and pain-free living. We’ve learned things you simply don’t know so come and join us. Yeah, you have to give a few things up like your rights, your land, your life and things like that but that’s just minor. Come along with us.” And so they are absolutely driven with a very powerful conviction that their way is the right way. I think there are a lot of wonderful parallels to our world as it is today that you’ll see in the film. You’ll think, “I see. I get what they’re talking about.”

Is that aspect of the character what enticed you into taking this role?
It is partly, and also that writer and director David Twohy had included so many elements of recognizable things in our world today that you’ll go, “It’s not us, but it is us.”

Vin Diesel, Thandie Newton and Director David Twohy / Alexa Davalos / Producer Scott Kroopf / Yorick van Wageningen & Linus Roache / Christina Cox

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